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Buying property in Istanbul in this area means you are lucky

Buying property in Istanbul

Thousands of people put Istanbul, the enchanting city in mind, whether for tourism, living or investing by buying property in Istanbul or buying an office or a commercial store and other types of properties, which turned Istanbul, the city that has opened its hands to foreigners in recent years, from a dream distant into reality,

And it is easy thanks to a package of laws, the first of which is to abolish the principle of reciprocity for those who want to buy property in Turkey in 2012 and the most recent in 2018 by reducing the amount of how to obtain Turkish passport by owning a property to 250 thousand dollars instead of a million, which led to a high number of property purchase processes.

And all the famous areas in it were filled with foreign investors who established their own life and system, and from here foreigners,so they began looking for distinctive places to settle in Istanbul that preserves the charm and vitality of the city, but at the same time it must enjoy an atmosphere of calm and comfort and isolation from noise,

These qualities that combine the two extremes don’t exist except in the famous Kayasehir district where nature and modernity, transportation and green spaces, originality and contemporary and the largest botanical garden in Istanbul, parks, commercial centers and popular markets can be found.

Kayasehir is one of the most promising real estate areas in Turkey, where an unprecedented urban renaissance was recently known to qualify it to be a new jewel in the Turkish construction sector. All those who want to buy a property in Turkey are rushing and buying property in Istanbul within one of the many Kayasehir complexes.

Kayasehir extends to the European side of Istanbul and is administratively affiliated to the municipality of Basaksehir, Istanbul's newest and most developed municipality in terms of infrastructure and transportation network and a presence of high end real estate projects.


Why are you lucky when buying property in Istanbul in the Kayasehir region?

Kayasehir brings together all the factors that make the investor who has a property in it lucky enough, given the rare advantages that the region has in it that cannot be found in other places, even if it has a similar form.

Among the most important features of Kayasehir, we find:

  • Unique geographical location: Before taking the step of placing money for buying property in Istanbul, any investor has the right to rest assured that it will return to him with profit and interest, which is what we find completely in the Kayasehir region, which is located in Basaksehir, the best European municipalities near the new government square, Ataturk airport, which will turn into a major park and the new Istanbul Airport, is also a link between the third Istanbul Bridge and the medical complex of Başakşehir, one of the largest medical cities in Europe.
  • Kayasehir is far from the vital Sazlidere Dam in addition to the surrounding forests by a distance of not more than 3 km. The dam is part of the Istanbul Water Canal, which gives Kayasehir more importance in the geographical map of New Istanbul and in the offers for buying property in Istanbul.which witness a big rush by investors.
  • Property prices in the Kayasehir area are increasing steadily day after day, as it is one of the most desirable areas for rent in Istanbul from both the Turkish and foreign sides.
  • Kayasehir is near the famous Ataturk Olympic Stadium, and 8 minutes away from the TEM highway which is one of the most vital roads in Istanbul.
  • Kayasehir is one of the quietest areas in Istanbul, away from the crowds, noise and hustle and bustle of city centers.
  • Kayasehir area provides many shops, weekly markets, "bazaars", restaurants and cafes that play a prominent role in investing in buying property in Istanbul.
  • The residential complexes in Kayasehir area provide permanent security guards in addition to surveillance cameras in all the surrounding areas.
  • The region provides many schools, including all levels, in both local and international languages.
  • The area has Kayasehir garden, which contains nearly 6 thousand species of flowers, recreational facilities, green spaces and bicycle spaces.
  • Its proximity to the Başakşehir Botanical Garden, Istanbul's new lung.

Is there a chance to live and invest in the most beautiful and prestigious new Istanbul regions?

Yes there are in the wonderful real estate offers provided by Alhuda team to you for buying property in Istanbul in one of the best and most beautiful regions, Kayasehir