Canakkale 1915: Longest Bridge and Pride of Turkey's Infrastructure

Canakkale 1915..the longest bridge in the world and the pride of Turkey's infrastructure

Canakkale 1915..the longest bridge in the world and the pride of Turkey's infrastructure

Turkey has known for the last twenty years an urban revolution that is the largest in the history of its neighboring countries, distinguishing it from everyone and making it an attractive destination for many investors in the world. Turkey inquired periodically about prices of Turkey properties, desiring them to seize the best opportunities to buy property in Turkey or as a prelude to shortening the paths that enable them to obtain a Turkish passport.

So why has Turkey witnessed this unprecedented demand for its real estate and what is the main factor that attracts tourists and investors heavily?

In addition to the fact that Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and a strategic center in the continents of Europe and Asia, it is also a country that has worked hard to raise the level of its economy based on a diversified strong greeting structure between major facilities such as airports and Istanbul water Canal and the Valley of Life project or through a network of huge roads and bridges and others. .

Among the most important bridges that Turkey has been constructing in recent times and which are expected to contribute to the rise in prices of Turkey properties, is the Canakkale 1915 bridge the longest of its kind in the world.


Features of the Canakkale 1915 Bridge .. The pride of Turkish infrastructure

The Canakkale 1915 Bridge, which towers were completed in May 2020, is set to be the longest bridge of its kind in the world, adorning the strait, a symbol of the historic victory in the Battle of Canakkale in Turkey, in which the Ottomans defeated the British forces.

The Canakkale 1915 bridge, which is being built, connects the Gelibolu and Lapseki districts on the Asian side of the city of Canakkale.


Bridge specifications:

The Canakkale Bridge was built on two bases distributed on two banks, with a length of 333 meters, on each bank separated by a distance of 2023 meters, while the height of each of the four towers is 318 meters.

The bridge project is being built by a huge crew that includes more than 5 thousand people, including 649 engineers working in rotation 24 hours in addition to 895 heavy equipment vehicles.


Economic viability of the bridge:

The Çanakkala Bridge is considered one of the most important transportation of modern infrastructure in Turkey, which is a winning card on which to compete in the competition arena with the new world order, that is, after the time of Corona, which depends mainly on the strength of infrastructure facilities.

After completing of the four towers, the second step will be the inauguration of the bridge, which is the most important transit point to facilitate movement between highway networks on both banks of the Sea of Marmara and also in line with the framework of the plan drawn up by the Turkish government to achieve the centenary goals of establishing the Turkish Republic in 2023.

The Canakkale 1915 bridge will contribute to reducing the duration of the crossing between the two banks of the Sea of Marmara to just 6 minutes instead of an hour and a half using ships, which has the potential to serve the Turkish economy greatly and bring about great benefit to it

As the extensive and fast transportation network is a prerequisite for measuring the development of countries.

It is noteworthy that Turkey has constructed more than 18 thousand km of divided roads, bringing the total in all of the country to more than 27 thousand km, while the length of highways has increased to more than 3 thousand km in addition to the establishment of several railways for high-speed trains of a length of one thousand and 213 km in recent years , not to mention many other land road, air and sea transportation projects that will turn Turkey into an important regional transit hub.

On the other hand, the number of constructed airports in Turkey reached 56, an average of 30 new airports, which were established in the past few years, including the new Istanbul airport that was opened last year as the largest airport in the world.

Major infrastructure projects, all of which contributed to the expansion of the construction of residential and commercial real estate alongside it, which turned Turkey into a strong center of attraction for different nationalities around the world that have been competing with each other to have the best offers to buy property in Turkey in general.