5 Things You Should Avoid Doing in Istanbul

5 Things You Should Avoid Doing in Istanbul

5 Things You Should Avoid Doing in Istanbul

Turkey is a country that has plenty to offer, from gorgeous beaches to ancient ruins, idyllic villages to futuristic skyscrapers, and much more. .However, before you book your trip, make sure to note these points of things that you should probably stave off altogether. in This article, we provide you 5 things you should avoid doing in Istanbul.

Not do in Istanbul: Enter a mosque dressed scantily

Turkey's historic mosques, like the Blue Mosque or even Yeni Cami, aren't just tourist attractions but also a location where the pious come to pray.

Therefore, it is almost always a fantastic idea to show your respect by not dressing as if you are going to visit a club. Be certain that you maintain a cardigan at your hands to protect your shoulders and arms, also avoid wearing shorts or a mini skirt at that specific moment.

Ride a taxi without a logo




Turkish taxi drivers like to rip off tourists, and either take an extra-long route to your desired location or take a damaged taximeter to get some spare money. The best way to get a taxi is to use the application BiTaksi. You can order a taxi from anywhere and watch it arrive in real-time. You can pay with a credit card or cash. 

Avoid going shopping at malls only in Istanbul


shopping malls


Many tourists like to buy clothes and shoes from malls. But the prices are expensive compared to other shopping centers. In Istanbul, there are some famous bazaars where you can find good quality and affordable prices. One of the best places is the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.  You’ll be able to find beautiful handmade and traditional arts and crafts, clothing, and accessories.

Visit while you’re on a diet

Turkish food is amazing, and you shouldn’t visit restaurants while you’re on a diet. You'll want to try a little bit of everything. From hearty kebabs to fresh seafood, fantastic candies, and milk desserts to delectable meze.

Do you have an idea about the best restaurant in Istanbul? If not, please read this article to know more about the most famous restaurants in Istanbul.

Focus solely on the touristic areas

Locals often tell visitors to get out of Sultanahmet to see the rest of the city when they visit Istanbul. This advice also applies to the rest of Turkey, where there is so much more to see than the normal tourist traps. There are many attractions in Istanbul that you need to discover. Make your trip special and organize your plan in the right way. 

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The takeaway


The Seijun Turks settled in this region in the 11th century, and this is when Turkey's culture began. As a result, Turkey has a rich range of culture, literature, architecture, and so on. These are a few things you can stop doing in Turkey.