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This is how foreign investors overcame the Corona epidemic in Turkey

This is how foreign investors overcame the Corona epidemic in Turkey

Like all countries of the world, since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, Turkey has been quick to take all measures that limit the spread of the emerging virus, and also contribute to reducing its severe consequences for the national economy by taking a number of precautionary measures even before the epidemic reaches its lands, but with the expansion of the spread of Corona virus Turkey was forced, like other countries in the world, to tighten the procedures that have reached a near-total prohibition of activities that depend on gatherings and allow other activities to work with the need to take into account the social spacing system until the disappearance of the Corona crisis.

This principled solution allowed the continuation of many activities and commercial activities, which kept production continuing and avoided the contraction of the economy, but what about the rest of the sectors that were prosperous and generate record profits for Turkey?

In particular, what about the real estate sector and the way to buy property in Turkey? 

How did this effective sector face the Corona pandemic, and how did process of buying property in Istanbul and the purchase of property in Turkey maintain its activity, and what percentage of the numbers achieved by foreigners in the field? 

The percentage of sales of property in Turkey achieved an unexpected surprise during the month of March or the month of Corona, as the Turks call it, in this regard Faruq Akbal, CEO of the International Real Estate Promotion Association, the leading in Turkey, stated that his country managed during the month of March, which coincided with Registering several cases from Corona and start suspending flights in the country, managed to sell 100 million Turkish liras, equivalent to 14.3 million dollars of real estate via the Internet, for the benefit of foreign investors who were not prevented by Corona from investing or appealing to attractive offers for sale property in Turkey and found The electronic platforms and remote services launched by real estate companies and reliable Turkish government, which at the same time, an alternative to continue the course of their investments and their programmed goals. 

In his statements to Turkish media, Faruq Akbal said that the Covid-19 epidemic prompted foreign investors who were planning to move to Turkey during the month of March in order to buy property in Turkey, or for buying property in Istanbul to change their plans not by leaving their goals but by accepting them more  Through the use of the Internet and the exploitation of many electronic props and digital tools such as "Vaultem, Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp" that have turned into effective platforms in hosting various pre-sale meetings between the construction company, the broker, the investor and government departments.

Real estate companies in Turkey sold 120 real estate, most of them for sale apartments in Turkey, generating financial income exceeding 100 million Turkish liras across the web platforms and within one month, defying all the breakdowns caused by the new epidemic and proving that it is able to keep pace and control all the changing circumstances. 

Real estate companies in Turkey from the moment of the announcement announced the registration of the first cases of the emerging virus with the change of its plan towards selling online by organizing virtual tours for foreign customers, introducing them to all the details of real estate projects, using virtual reality glasses and various blue network mechanisms in order to ensure continued sales in safe and reliable conditions in line with the significant change that Covid 19 has made in sales and marketing, real estate sector management and the nature of the relationship with clients wishing to purchase property in Turkey.


Turkey properties beat Corona for the second time in a row

Yes, Turkey's real estate defeated Corona for the second time in a row, as the real estate sales figures achieved electronically during the month of March were only an extension of the beginning of a year full of achievements in the sector where the total purchase of property in Turkey increased to 341 thousand and 38 property, or 33% in the extended period  between January and March, a jump in the volume of sales to foreigners increased by 13.8% on an annual basis during the same period, reaching 10 thousand 38 properties, according to Turkish Statistical Institute figures.

During the year 2019, Turkey sold approximately 1.35 million housing units, among which 45 thousand and 500 were purchased by foreigners, an increase of 14.7 percent compared to the previous year 2018.

And a lot of investors, especially Arabs, found in the mechanism of buying property in Istanbul and Turkey in general, on the Internet, very effective and short for time, effort and costs, in addition to making the best use of the mandatory quarantine period in various countries of the world.