Top 5 reasons to buy a property in Turkey Fındıkzade

أفضل 5 أسباب لشراء عقار في  فندق زاده


The safe and stimulating investment environment is a major factor in successful investment, as modern infrastructure forms the basis on which successful real estate investment is based.

Whenever the infrastructure is more solid and developed and in line with the requirements of the times, real estate investment succeeds, and this is achieved through investment in Istanbul because of the importance this city holds on the Turkish internal and global economic level as it is Turkey's export and import gateway. It is the financial capital of Turkey as it annually contributes to the domestic product Turki, as it is the largest industrial centre in the country.

In Istanbul, there are many different real estate projects according to the type of housing. There are residential projects with traditional homes, and luxury projects with a villa system, in addition to the availability of smart home projects, and the diversity of project areas between the different neighbourhoods of Istanbul affects their prices of course. The most important characteristic of the different projects in Istanbul is the concentration of companies Construction to meet all needs and various requests in terms of prices and quality of housing in addition to the luxury and diversity of services.

Many questions arise in the investor's mind, among which is the best place to buy apartments for sale in Turkey?


Alhuda Real Estate Investment in Turkey answers all the questions lingering in your minds about the best real estate investment areas in Istanbul and the most suitable places to buy luxury real estate in turkey or even cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul.


In today's article, the conversation will lead us to one of the liveliest areas of Istanbul that is popular with foreign tourists and investors, especially Arabs,findikzade.

Top 5 reasons to buy a property in Turkey Fındıkzade


The following are the most important reasons why you prefer real estate investment in findikzade over others:

The geographical location of Findikzade


In the heart of the historical centre of Istanbul, and precisely in the "Haseki" area of ​​Fatih, is the Findikzade neighbourhood, in the middle of the Topkapi and Aksaray districts, one of the most famous and popular tourist areas in Fatih.


Findikzade area has several advantages that make it one of the popular areas in Istanbul:


  • Central area
  • An important and lively commercial market with a well-known bazaar in Istanbul
  • It has the most important hospitals in Istanbul
  • It has offices, shops, restaurants, companies, and important commercial events
  • An important transportation node

Public transportation in Findikzade

There are many transportations and internal buses that pass from Findikzade and contribute to increasing the connection of this area with many of Istanbul's lively and distinctive neighbourhoods, and the most important of these buses:


  • Tramway: It is the main station in the heart of the findikzade area, connecting it to many archaeological, tourist and commercial areas in a few minutes, such as Zeytinburnu, Sultanahmet, Topkapi, Aksaray and Beyazit.
  • Buses: where many lines connect it with different regions, most notably the T28 line that connects between Topkapi and Besiktas, and other lines are linking it with the four sides of Istanbul, such as Yenibosna, Yesilkoy, Taksim, Beylikduzu, Florya and Eminonu.
  • Dolmesh: Findikzade has a minibus station

The Bazaar of Findikzade 


The Bazaar of Findikzade in Istanbul is not only one of the most important features of the region. Still, it is one of the most important and famous markets in Istanbul, due to its distinguished location in this vital region, its various products, and the favourable prices, which makes it an important destination for tourists and buyers.


The Bazaar of Findikzade opens every Friday from nine in the morning until eight in the evening, and residents of Findikzade consider Friday a special day for them to shop from the bazaar.


The bazaar is also easily accessible via the tramway or public buses and other buses, and it is also known for its severe congestion because people from far away come to Findikzade to shop in this bazaar. After all, it is known as one of the most important cheap markets in Istanbul.


In the Bazaar of Findikzade in Istanbul, you can find a wide range of products, goods and daily and necessary necessities, including:

  • Clothes, shoes and bags
  • Fruits, vegetables and various food products
  • Distinctive types of natural honey
  • Spices, coffee and tea
  • Perfumes, souvenirs and accessories
  • Household utensils
  • Pillows, sheets and bedspreads

The most important services and features in Findikzade


Al-Fateh Municipality takes great care of the Findikzade area, which makes it at the forefront of vital areas with great services and many features.


Findikzade has a good set of modern hospitals including:

  • Findikzade Medipol University Hospital
  • Dr. Jenks Hospital
  • Haseki Hospital for Scientific Research and Development

There are also several schools in the region and near them are well-known and major universities, training and educational institutes, including Arabic and Turkish ones, in addition to a large number of restaurants and cafes that are distributed on both sides of the main street in Findikzade.


The area is also known for its good number of luxury hotels, government institutions, bank and postal branches, and it has a beautiful garden.

Accommodation at Findikzade 


Life in the Fatih area is generally considered a quiet and distinctive life as it is the centre of Istanbul, and accommodation in Findikzade can be considered more distinguished due to its tranquillity and the availability of many services that help stability in the region.


Findikzade in Istanbul is suitable for the following types of accommodation:


Family housing:

As schools, universities, and malls fully service the area, it is wonderfully suitable for quiet and complete family life, and for all family members to enjoy all the services they need.

The area's transportation greatly encourages housing in it because it is easy to reach anywhere in Istanbul in an easy way and without the need for hardship or fatigue, and this is one of the most important elements of family housing.


Youth and student housing


The fact that the region is central and close to famous universities and within easy reach of a large number of Istanbul universities greatly encourages students to choose them.


The proximity to restaurants helps ease housing for students and young people because of the ability to quickly order ready meals, as well as the atmosphere of cafes and restaurants suitable for young people, their evening and their desire for entertainment and entertainment.


Female student housing


In addition to the above-mentioned reasons that help students in general, the safety of the Findikzade area in Istanbul adds more incentive for female students who come from other Turkish states or from outside Turkey to study to choose this area to live.


Tourist accommodation


The location of the Findikzade area in the middle of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul makes it one of the preferred areas for Arab and foreign tourists to live. Therefore investment in hotel and furnished apartments are active in the region.


Investment in Findikzade real estate


The Findikzade area in Istanbul is one of the preferred areas for real estate investment, especially these types of investment:

  • Investing in furnished and hotel apartments, especially the rental of tourists, male and female students
  • Investing in restaurants and cafes
  • Investing in offices, companies and shops
  • Family residential investment.

A lot of investors or foreigners who chose Findikzade to gather to live on rent or by purchasing a property in turkey as ideal and perfectly suitable for a quiet life provided with all the necessary services and needs.


And about real estate prices in Istanbul - Findikzade, they are considered relatively high due to its strategic location, with expectations of a greater rise in the next few years and guarantees of capital recovery in a period not exceeding 16 years.