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Tourism in Turkey 2021 ... Pack your bags according to these criteria!

all you need to know about tourism in turkey 2021

At the moment, the thought of a holiday in Turkey can sound like a fantasy but remain hopeful. Many business analysts are turning Turkey back as a hot destination this summer, and it is hoped that the arrival of new vaccinations would eventually curtail the spread of the virus, making travel restrictions easier.

Here's a look at what the analysts are thinking about travel this year and some projections for tourism in Turkey in 2021.

Turkey hopes to attract 25 million tourists in 2021.

Here's a look at what the analysts are thinking about travel this year and some projections for tourism in Turkey in 2021.

Ülkay Atmaca, head of the Turkish Professional Hotel Managers Association (POYD), claims that Turkey's quick intervention to mitigate the spread of the virus early helped improve early bookings.

Atmaca said to the Anadolu Agency (AA), "The healthy and safe holiday opportunity Turkey offers to tourists has had a positive effect on 2021 reservations."

Tourism in Turkey in 2020


2020 was like no other year. No one should have expected the problems the world has faced over the past twelve months. About a year ago, it's convenient to look back at what should have been done better during the pandemic, but all things considered, Turkey did amazingly well.

Official figures show that in the first 11 months of 2020, Turkey drew just over 12 million visitors, down 79% year-on-year due to travel bans, border closures, and COVID-19.

Fortunately, the Turkish Government's timely food, protection, and hygiene measures, as well as the Healthy Tourism Certificate program placed in place by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, ensured that Turkey and Fethiye had a tourist season, albeit for only a few months.

Kaan Kavaloğlu, Vice-Chairperson of the Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers Association (AKTOB) said, “we have become an example for the whole world with the healthy tourism certificate.” He noted, “our competitors Spain, Egypt, Greece, and even France have taken our applications as an example.”

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Tourism in Turkey 2021 – what to expect

Standards of tourism in Turkey 2023

Many tourism analysts share Turkey's optimistic vision for 2021 and agree that travel and holidays abroad are on the way again. However, as most people point out, it will be some time before precautions are taken and the world will go back to normal.

1. Vaccination certificates or negative COVID-19 results likely to become the norm. 

Airlines and tour operators are rightly anxious to restart full operations as soon as it is safe to do so. With Covid-19 vaccines currently being carried out in many countries, industry analysts expect that travelers would need to bear evidence that they have received the vaccine or show a negative Covid-19 test result to secure entrance into many countries.

According to a recently published Conde Nast Traveler post, "it is fair to assume that hotels, airlines, and immigration service will soon require evidence of immunization before you can travel."

Right now, traveling after the vaccine is a hot topic. Media are covered in stories about the benefits and inconveniences of vaccines or passports for protection or e-vaccination, but what steps Turkey would take for this summer has still not been apparent.

2. Elderly travelers may be the first to get away.

According to the Financial Times, "as many national vaccination programs first give priority to older people, it seems that there might be a fortunate group of elderly travelers at the forefront with a unique opportunity to travel by 2021."

The article indicates that many older travelers who have been limited to their homes for too long are willing to explore their beloved destinations until it is safe to do so.

3. Many tourists will continue to holiday at home

Fethiye and its resorts saw an increase in domestic tourism last summer, and this development is set to begin in 2021.

Many Turks who have historically flown overseas for holidays have opted to head to the coast. Private holiday homes in Ovacik, Hisaronu, and Calis became the perfect accommodation around Fethiye, enabling big families to enjoy privacy and luxury at an affordable price.

4. Hygiene, health and social distancing measures are set to remain

It is suspected that wearing face masks in public and the need for social space would remain important this year. Until the bulk of the population is vaccinated, there is always a chance. Many consider these steps to be the "new normal."

5. Private holiday home rentals in Turkey will continue to be popular

The value of social distance has been permeated over the last year and having spent long stretches indoors, most of us are now eager for space. Angels Rentals had a busy summer 2020 season, and apartment rentals and villas in Fethiye were a common option.

Budget-conscious and comfortable, rental properties deliver a home from home, allowing you to spend quality time with friends and family and stay away from the hordes of visitors.

6. More people will work remotely, buy properties abroad or travel for longer

With schools and workplaces closing and individuals operating remotely, less focus is being put on remaining close to the workplace.

Turkey is a 4-hour flight from the United Kingdom, the atmosphere is great, and the cost of living is much lower.

With excellent internet access from rental properties and holiday homes around Fethiye, and a wide variety of inexpensive properties for sale in Turkey, extended stays with the potential to work from home abroad are now a plausible choice.

The bottom line

With vaccination currently in play, the possibility of smoother travel abroad in 2021 is even better. When summer approaches, many of the new travel and border controls should relax, allowing people to travel more confidently and openly.

Although it would be stupid to believe that travel is going to return to "normal," more visitors are taking to the skies and celebrating holidays in Turkey this summer. Company tourists, people with financial resources or assets in Turkey are expected to arrive first, accompanied by those who have been vaccinated or genuinely enjoy the country and return next year.


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