Turkish construction companies: the complete story of a global success

Turkish construction companies ... the complete story of a global success

Turkish construction companies

Turkey has become famous internationally in more than one economic field, as it is the pioneer in the textile and leather industries, electrical industries, chemicals and foodstuffs, in addition to its excellence in various crops, especially the cultivation of tea, cotton, olives, citrus and barley.

Moreover, Turkey has known in the last ten years a global presence in a sector that has attracted attention, as it has become an example in it, which is the real estate sector, which became a destination for foreign investors from all sides, as they headed to buy property in Turkey or for buying property in Istanbul, with its various types, by Arabs, Russians, Afghans and Iranians, as shown by the annual statistics.

The record numbers of buying property in Turkey are due in large part to the great efficiency in the accomplishment that the various Turkish construction companies have built upon many distinctive real estate projects inside and outside Turkish soil, thus becoming required in major international tenders.

Turkish construction companies contribute significantly to the country's domestic GDP, and Turkey comes second in the world after China in terms of speed and cost in the field of construction to demonstrate this superior ability to international competition through the construction of huge housing projects and other infrastructure projects inside Turkey and abroad.

The construction sector in Turkey played a major role in the Turkish economy, as it provided many job opportunities in the local market, and also contributed to attracting foreign funds who were dazzled by the quality and beauty of real estate projects distributed in various parts of Turkey, whether in the offers for buying property in Istanbul or property in Turkey.

Below we will show you the most important building and construction companies that assign various real estate projects that are known to be very popular with foreigners who want to own a property in Turkey:


Emlak konut Company

The history of the establishment of Konut Properties goes back to 1953, which at its beginning sought to construct new cities that would raise the standard of living in Turkey while taking into account the element of environmental protection, and indeed this is what it achieved by establishing many huge housing complexes that contributed to the urban development witnessed in Turkey In recent years.

The projects of Konut Properties emerged in 2002, when they completed about 133 new projects in Turkey, to double the number in the following year to 128 thousand housing units. Hence, the real estate revolution in which the company contributed greatly began, so the name of Konut properties became required by most Turkish investors.

And even foreigners recently after the company gained wide popularity among agents and various real estate companies active in Turkey.

Nef Company

NefInternational is one of the largest construction companies in Turkey besides the USA, UK and Kazakhstan.

The real estate projects established by Nef company are characterized by a high level of luxury that raises the standard of life of individuals.

The company is also gaining great reputation in Turkey as it sponsors one of the most important sports clubs in the country.

Ihlas Yapı Company

One of the construction companies that are distinguished by the Iraqi heritage and the diversity of projects, was established in 1990, and from that time it has established numerous luxury housing projects, resorts, hospitals and schools, with approximately 18 thousand apartments, 300 villas and other properties on a land area of ​​more than 3 million square meters.

Turkmall Company

In turn, it is considered one of the leading construction companies in Turkey since its foundation in 1992, where it specialized in developing, improving and establishing commercial complexes and retail stores in Istanbul and many other cities on an area of ​​approximately 6 million square meters.

The company's activity was not limited to inside Turkey, but also extended to other countries such as Russia and countries from the continent of Asia and the regions of the Middle East and North Africa.

Ege Yapı Company

The company’s name is associated with the quality of completion of many residential and commercial complexes and hotels, although its establishment was in 2006, but it managed to build more than 1 million square meters.

Özyurtlar company

The company was established in 1990 and since then it has become one of the most important construction companies working on urban development projects in Istanbul, especially in the promising real estate area of ​​Esenyurt.

Avrupa Konutları Company

With over 40 years of experience, the company has contributed to the reconstruction of Turkey, in particular Istanbul, both European and Asian, by constructing several residential and commercial complexes and infrastructure, not to mention its effective role in the growth of the Turkish economy by providing many job opportunities inside and outside Turkey.

These were the most important construction companies that played an important role in changing the urban map of Turkey and of many countries in the world by putting a tangible imprint on major urban projects in European, Asian and African countries.