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Without asking anyone .. Determine prices of apartments in Istanbul 2020 on your own

Without asking anyone

Phrases like what are the prices of Turkey properties, apartment prices in Istanbul 2020, house prices in Turkey, house prices in Turkey, prices for buying property in Istanbul, especially those appropriate for obtaining Turkish passport and other interrogative phrases, have become among the most common questions from those wishing to own property in Turkey by writing it on various electronic search engines or by offering it directly by communicating with many real estate companies in Turkey.

Before giving details about the way to know the answer to these frequently asked questions, we have to highlight the importance of buying property in Turkey or buying property in Istanbul 2020 in particular for the Turkish economy.


Real estate investment in Turkey .. taking advantage of the strongest economies in the Middle East

Real estate investment in Turkey means buying property in Turkey in one of the countries which economy is one of the strongest in the world where in recent years it has achieved qualitative leaps at all levels, and we mention in particular here industry, textiles, agriculture and tourism, in addition to real estate that was also affected by the big growth and set records, from which the prices of apartments in Turkey and the prices of property in Turkey in general increased significantly compared to the previous few years.

Turkey's membership in many active economic organizations at the global level, such as the Group of Twenty and the Islamic Cooperation Council countries, contributed to highlighting its economy and its active role, which made it at the same time make a steady step towards joining the European Union.

With the emergence of the Corona crisis that swept the world, Turkey demonstrated huge economic capabilities through which it managed to contain the food and industrial crisis, and was rather a refuge for many major countries in the world such as the United States of America, Germany, Italy and Spain by providing them with an enormous amount of medical and food aid.

Turkey won the respect of the major countries, which hailed Ankara for its smart handling of the negative effects of the Corona epidemic on the strengths of its economy, "tourism and exports."

During this period, that is, since the beginning of the Corona crisis in early 2020, Turkey was able to achieve significant numbers in exports, which witnessed a rise in some sectors such as agricultural products, as well as real estate sales, which achieved its best performance in 8 years.

Factors for which Turkey’s distinguished location is added, as the continents of Europe and Asia mediate what it provides to provide all market and geographical conditions for foreign investors, especially Arabs among them. Arabs, Russians, Afghans and Iranians.

According to those who know the prices of property in Turkey are still not in real terms, as they are eligible to rise permanently during the coming years with expectations of achieving excellent profits in view of the size of the achievements of infrastructure projects in the promising real estate areas.


The factors that control the prices of Turkey properties:

Once the Foreigners Ownership Law was issued in 2012 until the prices of property in Turkey began to rise rapidly, especially with the great rushing of different nationalities that found great flexibility in the law of buying property in Turkey in addition to approving a number of legislations encouraging investment of all kinds, which was reflected positively on prices of Turkey properties, as well as the country's economy, which the Turkish government has spent all its energy in pushing towards leadership in order to meet its aspirations and those of its investors.

The Turkish government has also opened the door to many real estate companies in order to develop comfortable plans for real estate investment for foreigners in Turkey. Indeed, what has returned in the affirmative to the figures achieved in the field of real estate sales, and also with regard to house prices in Turkey, which are within the reach of all investment classes compared to some major Arab capitals European, where the foreign investor can buy a suitable apartment within the offers of property in Turkey for an amount up to 50 thousand US dollars, in addition to the availability of several comfortable payment mechanisms similar to the possibility of paying the value of the apartment in installments for a period of up to 36 months.

The qualitative shift in the prices of property in Turkey was issued with the decision to reduce the price of obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property to 250 thousand dollars instead of one million US dollars.

House prices in Turkey are subject to several factors that make the price either low, medium, or high. We detail them as follows:

  • The type of area and city in which the apartment is located. The more the city is coastal, such as Istanbul and Antalya, or equipped with services and strong infrastructure, the higher the price.
  • The location of the apartment in the city, that is, according to the view and proximity to vital projects, such as Istanbul Water Channel, for example, and the various tourist attractions, all of this increases the price of the property.
  • The apartment is near the airports and the transportation network, for example, everything was close to the metro, tramway or metrobus, everything was more expensive, while everything that was far from the means of transportation decreased.
  • Proximity and distance to the city center, and in this respect new cities have existed in Istanbul in recent times and are equipped with all services such as Basaksehir, Esenyurt, Beylikduzu and others ..
  • Apartment specifications in terms of number of rooms, area, balconies and finishes, as the value of the apartment increases by increasing the quality of the building and the materials used in it.

These were the most important advantages that you have as a foreign investor willing to own a property in Turkey to determine the price of your future apartment without leaving the area to anyone to circumvent or inflate the value of apartments in Istanbul 2020.