yielding Turkish citizenship

Everything new about yielding Turkish citizenship to the Syrians 2020

الحصول على الجنسية التركية

More than three and a half million Syrian refugee in Turkey, who were forced to flee their country because of the war, aspire to settle permanently, while half of the aforementioned number “3 and a half million” desires to obtain the Turkish citizenship for resettlement and to benefit from multiple facilities in various aspects of life, including more freedom of movement and investments and also enjoy the benefits of Turkish citizenship, especially that the Turkish government has previously issued decisions to facilitate the naturalization of Syrians with graduate degrees and university graduates, as well as businessmen who have jobs that contribute significantly and positively to support the Turkish economy.


Before elaborating on the new decisions naturalizing of Syrians in Turkey, we’d like to mention some of the decisions granted by the Turkish law to Syrians wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship before the war in Syria:

The text of the law: Every foreigner, including the Syrians, can, of course, obtain Turkish citizenship in the following cases:

  • Holders of work residency who are proven to remain in Turkey for 5 consecutive years.
  • Investing in Turkey under certain conditions.
  • Marriage to a Turkish person.
  • Adoption.
  • Evidence of Ottoman or Turkish origins.

The timeline of the naturalization of Syrians in Turkey

Before talking about the timeline of laws and decisions to obtain Turkish citizenship for the Syrians, let’s return to the old and valid historical agreement that closed the door in the face of the Syrians for obtaining Turkish citizenship personally or through property ownership, except that on the other hand another door to own property, provided that the purchased property is registered in the name of a company they own in Turkey, and in this regard we find:

  • Turkish law did not prevent Syrians from obtaining Turkish citizenship by depositing 500,000 USD in a Turkish bank without withdrawing it for three consecutive years.
  • Syrians in Turkey can take advantage of Turkish citizenship with multiple benefits by marriage with a Turkish person.
  • Syrians residing in Turkey can obtain Turkish citizenship after proving their Turkish or Ottoman origins.
  • Syrians who have been in Turkey for more than 5 years under work residence can apply for Turkish citizenship.


Are there exceptional decisions for Syrians to obtain Turkish citizenship?


Many Syrians residing in Turkey hope that the Turkish authorities will issue exceptional decisions that will enable them to achieve easy and rapid naturalization, especially after the statements made by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2016, where he pointed out the possibility of naturalizing the Syrians, especially doctors, engineers, lawyers and those with high degrees so that they can help their families.


Since the release of this historical statement for the Syrians in Turkey, files have been deposited at the level of the relevant departments, and the authorities have in turn begun to study the files and grant Turkish citizenship to the Syrians according to criteria that are subject to investigations by the relevant authorities to decide to grant them citizenship or not, after examining the academic certificates presented in the files and to verify their authenticity and correctness of all the documents submitted after submitting them to a security study and to establish the cleanliness of the criminal record for Syrians who are candidates for Turkish citizenship.

Syrians can obtain Turkish citizenship in several steps, which are:

  • Submitting and obtaining Turkish citizenship application after registration.
  • Send the naturalization file to the departments concerned with the comprehensive study.
  • Initial audit by the competent authorities of the naturalization file.
  • Deep examination and study of the naturalization file and transferring it to the competent authorities for evaluation.
  • Inclusion of the file in the list of naturalization with a view to its approval by the Council of Ministers.
  • Take the final decision regarding naturalization.
  • Inform the person concerned of the final decision, whether by granting him Turkish citizenship or rejection.

Finally, the Syrians must realize that granting Turkish citizenship is a file linked to several factors, which means that new decisions can be issued at any moment.

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