Apartments for sale in Istanbul near Istanbul airport

what are the most prominent records achieved by Istanbul Airport?

تأثير مطار اسطنبول الجديد على أسعار الشقق في اسطنبول

A year ago today, the opening of Istanbul's third airport was a global event that attracted the attention of all the world, and dazzled all of its visitors, being the largest and most luxurious airport in the world, with services for about 90 million passengers annually, and after a year has passed since the opening of this vital facility, we will review with records the contribution of Istanbul Airport in pushing ahead the tourism in turkey and  Turkish economics in the country,and  increasing demand for buying property in Turkey, and diversifying the offers for buying property in Istanbul


The outcome of Istanbul airport with numbers


Data of the Turkish General Directorate for the operation and management of Turkish airports in statistics published before entering 2020 indicate that about 41,474,497 people traveled on 257,752 flights during the 7 months after the opening of the new Istanbul airport during April / April of last year .


It was estimated that the number of daily internal and external flights through the third Istanbul airport is about 1300 flights, during which 31 million and 700 thousand people traveled through international flights and nearly 11 million people via domestic Turkish flights.


The commercial flights to Istanbul Airport during the same period "the first 7 months of its opening" reached 257 thousand and 866 flights, including 194 thousand foreign flights through which more than 482 thousand tons of goods were transported, so that the total of what was transported of luggage and goods and mail internally and externally reached 560 thousand and 872 tons.


The impact of the Istanbul airport on the prices of property in Istanbul


Once the Istanbul Airport was opened, Turkish and foreign investors increased interest in the surrounding real estate, all the areas close to it turned into great attractions for those wishing to own property in Turkey.


Istanbul Airport contributed significantly to raising tourism in Turkey, where it is expected to receive 57 million tourists by the end of this year, in addition to improving the real estate market in Istanbul and increasing the percentage of sales. 


Statistics indicate that the percentage of real estate sales during the first months of the opening of the Istanbul Airport increased by 87% compared to the same period in the previous year, with a steady increase that is expected to continue during the coming years at a greater pace.

Economists confirm that after the opening of Istanbul Airport, Turkey became one of the most popular countries to buy real estate to compete with the largest countries to attract investors, as many foreigners, especially Russians and Arabs, went towards buying property in Istanbul and the rest of the cities, especially after receiving global reports that the new airport will list Turkey among the top 10 economies in the world by 2023.


Since April 2019, many Arab and foreign investors have been racing to reserve a place for them in the most attractive and best areas in terms of real estate projects and the closest to the new Istanbul Airport.


The search for buying property in Istanbul for investment in the areas adjacent to the Istanbul Airport has increased, especially "Arnavutkoy" which witnesses a rise in the prices of its properties by 0.30%, which is due to its proximity to the new airport, and the rent prices in this region jumped by 4%, while the real estate investment can extends in the region to 25 years, according to sector experts.


Among the areas that have also witnessed a great impact by Istanbul Airport, the high-end Başakşehir region, in which real estate prices increased by 8% and rent by 7.30%, in addition to the Buyukcekmece region, which real estate prices increased by 8.95% and rents by approximately 5%.


Another noticeable area that has become popular after the opening of the Istanbul airport is the "Esenyurt" area, as the turnout towards its properties increased by 8.33% and the rent has jumped to 20.90%.


The price of apartments in Istanbul has increased in the close areas  to the Istanbul airport in addition to all other regions that have direct and easy transport links to the new airport, which gave an unprecedented lift to the economy of Turkey in general after only one year of its opening.