Apartments for sale in Turkey online

Apartments for sale in Turkey online

شقق للبيع في تركيا عن بعد

With the beginning of the spread of the Corona pandemic, the freezing of most activities around the world, and the suspension of foreign and even domestic flights in many countries, everyone's fears increased, so the home quarantine became a way of life and leaving is only if necessary, but in return life did not stop, and the alternative was "from a distance "

Many people may wonder what is meant by remote?

Indeed, the traditions of life were transformed with the Corona pandemic, where most of the transactions took place via the Internet, i.e. through the exploitation of the Internet, as the various services that were recently carried out directly, became in the time of Corona via the web and electronic sites, such as working remotely, holding meetings, studying, shopping and reaching to other economic sectors such as real estate?

Why did buying property in Turkey become online?

Like all countries of the world, Turkey was a forerunner to take precautions and precautionary measures that protect the health of citizens and foreigners residing there, and also to ensure the continuity of life, especially economic ones, so all sectors found an alternative to continuity with a similar breath of ordinary life, the condition of the real estate sector that witnessed in recent years a quantum leaps in the size of construction of real estate projects as well as in the process of buying property in Turkey in general and buying property in Istanbul in particular, in addition to multiple requests for Turkish citizenship.

Accordingly, the Turkish government, supported by various construction and real estate companies, changed the transactions of buying property in Turkey, in addition to multiple applications for Turkish citizenship.

Accordingly, the Turkish government, supported by various construction and real estate companies, changed the transactions and services of buying a property in Turkey, as well as how to obtain the Turkish passport into online services for several reasons, among which we mention:

  • The increasing direct impact of preventive measures in order to reduce the spread of the Corona pandemic on the real estate market and offers for buying property in Istanbul and the rest of Turkey.
  • Various international flights to and from Turkey's airports have stopped, which has prevented those who want to buy property in Turkey from moving to inspect various real estate projects for buying property in Istanbul and the rest of the states.
  • There are many restrictions imposed on getting around in Turkey and therefore the inability of clients and investors even if they are in Turkey to implement real estate tours to various real estate projects in Istanbul and in Turkey.
  • Changing the various construction companies in Turkey, the strategy of buying property in Turkey, and how to obtain Turkish citizenship to become online, while providing all reassuring guarantees to investors.
  • Launch a campaign to own and sell properties online by various departments of the official real estate registry in Turkey.
  • The intensification of propaganda campaigns for offers for buying property in Istanbul and offers for apartments for sale in Turkey, which increased the presence and strength of Turkey's real estate through various classic and modern media props.
  • Facilitating the various procedures for transferring the value of the property through the banks and also sending the property documents to the investor who made the purchase of a property in Turkey.
  • Low cost of real estate purchase prices in Turkey online compared to direct real estate purchase as the investor saves the costs of transportation, travel, hotel reservations and other side costs.
  • With the economic and investment stagnation caused by the Corona pandemic, buying property in Turkey is the most powerful alternative to keeping investors ’money, and even multiplying it with guaranteed profits in a country that is considered the most powerful real estate in recent years.

How is the process of online buying property in Turkey done?

The process of online buying property in Turkey at the time of Corona is done in a very simple way and according to easy steps that we list as follows:

  • Providing the investor with the customer service with all the details about the real estate he wants to buy according to the specifications required by him regarding the location, area, view, and also according to the allocated financial amount.
  • Take a virtual real estate tour of a group of offers for buying property in Istanbul and apartments for sale in Turkey, where the tour includes a detailed explanation of the real estate project and the apartment plan that the customer wants to buy in addition to watching apartments that suit his taste through high-quality video clips that make the investor wander inside his apartment as if it really Is in it.
  • Make a direct contact with the trusted real estate company so that the customer can directly view his apartment with asking all necessary questions and inquiries regarding any aspect.
  • The customer can directly contact Alhuda Real Estate Company through the Turkish embassy to his country in order to complete all legal procedures and negotiate the price, method and date of payment.
  • Signing a contract to purchase a property in Turkey with the first payment being transferred through the bank.
  • Registering the title deed or title deed where Alhuda Real Estate company follows all the legal procedures at the Turkish official departments according to the agency signed by the client.
  • Receive the key and the apartment as soon as the customer comes to Turkey.

How to obtain Turkish citizenship in the time of Corona?

Like the process of buying property in Istanbul or Turkey, the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment and purchasing a property in the time of Corona is a golden opportunity that cannot be compensated for investors who can use the quarantine period in their homes in order to become Turkish citizens and hold the Turkish passport, one of the most powerful passports In the world a simple step is to buy a property in Turkey from home.

In this regard, Alhuda real estate company provides an opportunity to get the citizenship very easily as it offers real estate offers that are completely appropriate to obtain Turkish citizenship. Which is under the follow-up of the client step by step without the need to transfer him to Turkey, which will later come as a citizen, not a tourist or an investor only.