Real estate for sale in Fethiye, Turkey ... the ideal investment that only the British would realize!

عقارات للبيع في فتحية بتركيا

Fethiye is the pearl of life in Turkey, where the beauty of nature is breathtaking. 

It is one of the small cities in Turkey that includes all the requirements of tourism in Turkey. It is one of the most important tourist cities that Arab and foreign vacationers resort to in the summer due to its charming beaches and the presence of many tourist and leisure activities.

All these advantages automatically transformed Fethiye into a tourist attraction, one of the largest investment areas in Turkey. There are many apartments for sale in Turkey, but British investors have chosen Fethiye as their first destination to buy real estate in Turkey.

In today's article, we will talk about the advantages of buying real estate in one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey.

Fethiye is the most beautiful city in Turkey

Where is Fethiye located?

Fethiye is located in the southwest of the country of Turkey in the Mugla region, overlooking the Aegean Sea that separates the two states of Turkey and Greece, where it is located about nine meters above sea level. It is one of the most recent Turkish cities where it was built on the ruins of the city of Telmessos that were destroyed by the earthquake. That happened in 1958.

The population of Fethiye

More than 100,000 people inhabit the city of Fethiye. The number doubles to 600 thousand people in the summer season, with the arrival of tourists and many Turkish citizens to work there during the tourist season.

Climate and weather in the Fethiye

Among the most beautiful Turkish cities with a beautiful climate, Fethiye is a city with a Mediterranean environment under its location on the Mediterranean coast, with an average temperature of 34 degrees in summer. 

Weather experts advise visiting Fethiye during May, June, September and October due to its beautiful weather during these periods of the year.

In general, the climate in Fethiye helps to live and settle in it throughout the year.  Another factor, which is the low cost of living and the availability of transportation and transportation.

The most important areas and attractions in Fethiye

In this paragraph, we will review the most critical areas and tourist attractions that Al Hoda for Real Estate Investment advises arriving in Fethiye to visit them. And also to provide information to everyone who wants to buy real estate in Fethiye regarding the essential attractions in the city, which are as follows:

  • Oludeniz Beach

OluDeniz Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey, with its sand facing the seawater, where there is the Blue Lagoon at its end, and its turquoise water characterizes the lake. Beach visitors practice many water sports such as diving, swimming, and others. On the other hand, the unique height of Babadag Mountain has made the area a unique site for paragliding above the lakeshore.

  • Calis Beach

Calis is an extension of Fethiye and is 38 km away from Dalaman International Airport, making it an ideal place to stay and travel.

The place is 5 km away from Fethiye, and there are many means of travel and transportation between regions.

You will see the best sunset views in Calis, which you can watch wherever you go from the surrounding islands, and the beach is full of restaurants, cafes and shops.

The James Bond movie was filmed in Calis in 2012.

  • Sovalye and Gemiler Islands

Savalye is one of the best islands in Fethiye. . The island attracts fans of real estate with a location and direct sea views. One of the most important characteristics of it is that it is devoid of vehicles and cars, and it provides its residents with a life of calm and complete isolation. As for Gemiler Island, it is the original home of Santa Claus, with the distinction of being a historic area with beautiful bays.

  • Lykia rock tombs

These graves dug into the rocks show the community of Lykian. Generally, they are in the shape of a home. The front façade consists of a narrow door on Ionic pillars with a triangular pediment, matching the Greek temples. The bodies were lain on stone benches.

Advantages of buying real estate in Fethiye - Turkey

Suppose you are looking for apartments for sale in Fethiye or houses or villas in this beautiful city. In that case, you are in front of an irreplaceable opportunity as Fethiye provides you with many suitable options for living, stability and investment as well, significantly since the offers of real estate projects vary between sophistication and simplicity between high prices And the prices are low.

Among the essential advantages of real estate investment in Fethiye, we find:

  • A paradise for families looking for stability and a quiet life.
  • Home to lovers of history.
  • The most beautiful location for beachgoers and lovers of charming sea views, fishing, swimming in bays and enjoying the magical sunset.
  • The best destination for lovers of nature and scenery.
  • The most abundant areas of transportation .
  • Real estate prices in Fethiye have decreased significantly compared to other regions in Turkey.
  • Lower cost of living.
  • Large investment returns in a short period.

Top Tips for Buying Real Estate in Fethiye - Turkey

Before starting to detail the necessary steps to buy real estate in Fethiye, every person who wants to own real estate in this area should not be afraid of the process. It is indeed an area that is not prominent in the Turkish real estate market compared to other regions, but it is considered a correct choice in a big way due to its many advantages.

Alhuda Real Estate Investment advises foreigners who want to own real estate in Fethiye to use its services by accompanying its advisors who save the foreign investor the trouble of searching for the best places and the best real estate.

The British have remarkably good ownership in Fethiye without other regions of Turkey for the reasons above, which made them have the best properties, especially those located directly on the sea and in front of the picturesque landscapes.

Among the essential tips for buying real estate in Fethiye, which is difficult to resist by any investor, we find:

  • The use of a reliable real estate company similar to Alhuda for real estate investment in Turkey.
  • Careful research in the offers of apartments for sale in Fethiye, houses for sale in Fethiye, and also villas for sale in Fethiye.
  • Focusing on luxury homes overlooking the bays and the sea to ensure high prices and high profitability in a short time.
  • Invest in cheap homes near monuments in the mountains or in the Calais region.
  • Invest in luxury villas and low prices near the islands of Fethiye.

Best areas for real estate investment in Fethiye

  • Yachting areas

You can find luxurious apartments and luxurious villas with sea view in Karagüzler, Fethiye city centre, with a beautiful view of Ice Marina or in Gocek town with a beautiful bay and modern facilities.

You can find luxurious apartments and luxurious villas with sea view in Karagüzler, Fethiye city centre, with a beautiful view of Ice Marina or in Gocek town with a beautiful bay and modern facilities.

  • Yuvacik region

You can find apartments and villas near the most popular holiday resorts such as Hisaronu and Oludeniz, which are located at a relatively high altitude near a valley surrounded by the pine mountains, making your property more like being in paradise.

The region enjoys its gentle breeze emanating from the mountainside, which contributes to lowering the temperatures in the hot summer.

Fethiye real estate in Ovacik is also distinguished by its difference, as you can find large and spacious villas and a private swimming pool.

As for apartments in Fethiye, they are located within modern complexes, with high-end services and excellent facilities in the area, and free transportation services to the beach for the benefit of the complexes residents.

  • Areas on the beach

For lovers of buying real estate in Turkey on the beach, Alhuda Real Estate Investment advises to buy real estate in Calis, Oludeniz and Gemiler Beach, as well as Uzumlu or Ovacik, where luxurious towers and high-end complexes are available at reasonable prices.

Also, buying real estate in Fethiye near the beaches is very suitable for investment, especially in the summer season, when foreigners tend to rent real estate for holidays