a transportation that determines the prices of apartments in Istanbul 2020

The Metrobus! a transportation that determines the prices of apartments in Istanbul 2020


In Turkey, when it comes to buying property in Istanbul the reputation of the residents in the neighborhood is so important to insure comfort and reassurance and even doubling the value of the original price of apartments in Istanbul 2020 if the foreign investor is considering selling the property in the future.

Today, a new concept has been added to real estate offers for buying property in Istanbul or buying property in Turkey.

This concept has replaced the question :how are the neighbors? with what transportation is close to it? to determine the quality of a property

And that is because of its great importance for those wishing to own residential property or have a real estate investment in Turkey, as the general approach to buying property in Istanbul has become dependent on how close the region is to the infrastructure and public transportation network of various types, most important of which the Metrobus the fastest and the strongest mean of transportation in Istanbul

If you have not heard about it before, we invite you to get to know it and all aspects of its importance for modern housing projects, and exactly knowing the extent of its impact on the prices of apartments in Istanbul 2020.


What is the Metrobus?

The Metrobus is a double-length, spacious bus that is independent of other means of transportation, ensuring round trips without being affected completely by the traffic issues.

The metrobus is considered the most important investment in the transportation sector in Istanbul, as it is one of the fastest, longest and most vital transportation lines that connect between the farthest point in the European side to the Asian side.

At every metrobus station there is a machine for filling the transportation card or as it is called "Istanbul Card" so that passengers can easily recharge their balance before getting into the metrobus.


Metrobus: more than 13 years of nonstop service

The metrobus has become the primary mean of transportation in many residential areas in Istanbul and a quality mark for the newly constructed urban projects as they make sure to mention their project’s proximity to the metrobus, and has made the “Metrobus” a primary keyword in offers for buying property in Istanbul 2020  as it determines the prices of apartments in Istanbul 2020" and below we list some of the main goals that the Turkish government had of constructing this vital transportation:


●     Reducing suffocation and traffic congestion in Istanbul


●     Reducing harmful gas emissions in Istanbul by creating an environmentally friendly transportation means and to guarantee fresh air for the residents who live next to the metrobus.


●     Speed ​​up access to far areas as it has its own path separate from regular buses and cars.


●     Support the transportation map with new intersection points with the metro and tramway lines to facilitate transportation and diversify its options.


●     Providing modern residential complexes with offers for buying property in Istanbul with a transportation similar to tramway and metro without the hassle of digging tunnels.


●     Promotion of various offers for buying property in Istanbul in modern residential complexes by mentioning its proximity to this transportation, like Beylikdüzü real estate projects, which are known as luxury commercial and residential complexes along the Metrobus line.


The most prominent metrobus lines in Istanbul

The metrobus first station in the Asian part of Istanbul is called "Sogutlucesme" and it extends to the last station in the European part "Beylikduzu Son Durak" near the exhibition city "Tuyap". The number of direct trips along this line is 30 trips during working days and 10 trips on Saturday and 11 on Sunday, and this does not mean that the volume of trips stops at this small number, as the passenger has options to switch their bus at the metrobus stations in the middle of the line.

Generally these are the various metrobus lines to and from:


  • Beylikduzu Son Durak ===> Sogutlucesme
  • Cevizlibağ ===> Beylikdüzü Son Durak
  • Zincirlikuyu ===> Beylikdüzü  Son Durak
  • Zincirlikuyu  ===> Avcilar
  • Avcilar ===> Sogutlucesme
  • Cevizlibağ  ===> Sogutlucesme
  • Zincirlikuyu  ===> Uzuncayir
  • Zincirlikuyu  ===> Sogutlucesme


Metrobus has a total of daily trips estimated at more than 4000 trips during working days, more than 2600 trips on Saturday, and about 1700 trips on Sunday due to the increasing demand of major construction companies to expand luxury urban projects equipped with the finest services in the areas adjacent to it, which led to a rise of prices for buying property in Istanbul 2020, and precisely in these areas adjacent to the Metrobus, due to its being real estate attractions that provide the best opportunities for buying property in Istanbul, both for the purpose of real estate investment in Turkey for those who want to double the value of the financial assets of the process of buying property in Turkey or for the purpose of residential ownership and final settlement in Turkey.


The most important projects of Alhuda real estate company in Turkey adjacent to the metrobus stations