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Title deed.. Your insurance against fraud when buying property in Turkey

Your insurance against fraud when buying property in Turkey

Before starting the process of buying property in Turkey, you must first expand your knowledge and information about all procedures for property ownership, especially legal ones, or those related to extracting the necessary documents and papers in order to ensure that the process of buying property in Istanbul or other cities is proper, correct and official.

Among the basic documents, but the most important ones during the process of buying a property in Turkey, we find what is called the Tabu Senedi in Turkish, i.e. the title deed to the property, as the acquisition of the buyer on it means that he owned the property in an official capacity and can prove the correct and legal ownership of the property in front of any party in Turkey.

The title deed is granted as the last step in the process of buying property in Istanbul or Turkey in general where the customer or investor after this step feels complete reassurance about the full ownership of the property and a person’s ownership of the property in Turkey cannot be recognized, whether he is a Turkish citizen or a foreigner unless he has a title deed in his name, i.e. an official document.

The title deed is a document that is extracted from the land registry office or what is known as the real estate registry department and all information related to the property purchased by the investor is written on it and it is as follows:

  • Purchased property address.
  • Personal photo of the property buyer.
  • The registration number of the land on which the building, project or villa was built, "depending on the type of property."
  • The type of land on which the property is built, whether it is suitable for construction or not, and this condition is one of the basic conditions before embarking on any real estate project, as permission for reconstruction on the land must be obtained by the Turkish municipality.
  • The total area of ​​land on which the project or building is built.
  • The total area of ​​the property.
  • Real estate floor number.
  • The building number of the property, especially if it is within the property in Turkey.
  • The value of the property in Turkish lira as for those who question about the purchasing property to obtain the Turkish passport, its estimated value of 250 thousand dollars is converted from the Turkish lira to the dollar according to the exchange rate on the day of purchase.
  • Provide information about the method of owning the property, as it was through a purchase from the previous owner directly or from a construction company, any purchase for the first time or through an inheritance and the like.
  • Provide all information about the property owner, ie the seller, "name, surname, national number, nationality, for example, if he is Turkish or foreigner, etc."
  • Provide information about all owners in the event that the property is a collective property, along with other detailed information about each owner’s share of the property.
  • Provide information about the property itself if it is mortgaged or not.... etc.
  • Data to register the property before purchase.
  • Data to register the property after purchase.
  • Stamp of the Land Registry Directorate with the signature of the person responsible for organizing and issuing the title deed.


Types of title deed in Turkey

During the process of buying a property in Turkey, the investor will find several types of title deeds in front of him, which one is better suited and which one is more correct to own a property with sound foundations in Turkey.

To answer this question, we review the following types of title deeds in Turkey and the purposes of using each type separately:


Land title deed in Turkey

For those wishing to purchase lands in Turkey, make sure during the registration of the property the quality of the plot of land, whether it is suitable for construction or not, so that the owner does not clash with the purpose of using it, as the land that is not suitable for housing cannot later build on it or obtain a permit for that.

Therefore, when an investor is thinking about buying property in Istanbul or Turkey in general he must review the interests of the municipality before buying, especially as there are experiences that have proven that some people bought a piece of land in Turkey but later collided that it was within the plans for the passage of a public road and other things that hinder its exploitation.


Construction bond in Turkey

It is the document in which the basic data about the building is mentioned as a complete unit, i.e. without detailing its parts.

We find this type of bond in independent buildings such as: villas, palaces, warehouses, factories, schools, etc.

In addition, building bonds are also granted to major project owners such as hospitals, factories, and others


Real estate easement bond in Turkey

The easement bill is granted to properties that are  under construction or while the building approval is being taken as the project is divided into sections, each section of which will benefit from an easement bond to the extent that all the information related to the construction in progress is mentioned, except that after the completion of the construction the easement will be converted into a private title.


Title to the transitional or with participation property in Turkey

This type of title deed is granted for a limited period, whereby the property owner has the authority to sell, rent or assign the property within the period of the deed.

The title deed is usually related to participation in old buildings in Turkey or tourist buildings, and real estate experts do not advise investors in Turkey, especially foreigners, to purchase a property that has this type of bond.

Before buying a property in Turkey or buying property in Istanbul, whether it is for the purpose of ownership, investment, or as a way of obtaining the Turkish passport . Attention must be paid to the absence of any mortgage, attachment, or confiscation of the property.


Title deed of the property in Turkey

The title deed of the property is considered the official and legal document that confirms the investor's ownership of the property completely and definitively and is granted after the completion of the construction works in full.

Finally, it must be remembered that the title deed or is one of the most important documents proving the investor's ownership of the property in Turkey, so he must be keen on sound legal procedures while registering the property, whether by him knowing all of the legislation and steps or facilitating the task for himself by delegating it to a specialized real estate company in the affairs of purchasing property in Turkey.