The month of real estate in Turkey

The month of real estate in Turkey .. Get to know it

ماهو شهر العقارات في تركيا

The first question that Hatem from Iraq asked the adviser of Alhuda Real Estate Company, was about what times are the best for buying property in Turkey?

Alhuda Real Estate Adviser did not directly answer Hatem by mentioning a specific month in itself which is the most suitable for buying a property in Turkey, but he explained a number of factors that all together contribute to selecting the best time to buy property in Turkey with a great profitability return in the short, medium and long term.


Alhuda Real Estate Adviser answers the customer's Hatem question from Iraq

The response of Alhuda’s adviser to Hatem stated the following:

First, Alhuda, the real estate company licensed under Turkish law, welcomes you and thanks you for your confidence in choosing it to accompany you during the ownership process of property in Turkey.

As for your question, you should know that buying apartments in Turkey and knowing the prices of property in Turkey or how to obtain a Turkish passport and other transactions are subject to several factors that every foreign investor must consider, as follows:

  • The appropriate months, as there are seasons in the year in which the real estate market witnesses a stagnation, i.e. movement and competition subsides, and here the prices of Turkey properties, especially the prices of apartments in Istanbul 2020, are defined, and there is often a significant decrease for the investor to seize, and since real estate prices in Turkey generally rise with the increase in demand and the decrease in its decrease, the best times that Alhuda advises about is January, and for the seasons, it is winter, when demand decreases and thus the prices of Turkey properties decrease.
  • You should avoid the annual and summer holidays periods to implement the decision to buy real estate in Turkey, given that this decision was taken by many like you and thus you will find yourself facing a crazy rise in prices due to the increased demand and the intensity of competition between the offers of different construction companies.
  • The process of buying a property in Turkey requires patience and wisdom, as the purchase plan must be considered during the summer period, for example, but implementation is postponed to times when demand decreases and the price drops.
  • You should pay attention to the fact that a high-priced property does not necessarily mean that it is the best, but it must be in accordance with what you want and according to what is required in the market if you consider buying it for the purpose of investment.
  • Knowing the future of the property, i.e. buying a property that is in a promising area for it to make a profit for you in the near future, given its vitality and proximity to the services, educational, commercial and health facilities and also from the transportation network.
  • Seizing the golden opportunities to buy a property in Turkey through a permanent tracking of the real estate market in Turkey.
  • Choosing a reliable real estate company such as Alhuda will provide for you to monitor the real estate market and the various offers that suit the specifications you require, and thus ensure the best property is purchased.
  • Choosing the real estate you dream of, as it sometimes coincides with Turkey properties that it may be appropriate in price but does not fit with your choice in design or location, so it is necessary to focus on choosing the real estate that is most appropriate in the aspects closest to the specifications that you put in your imagination first.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to drop the price of the local currency, that is, the Turkish lira against the foreign currency, the dollar before the exchange rate rises again.
  • Choosing the most comfortable mechanisms for purchasing a property in Turkey

The most important advice that you as a foreign investor can take in order to ensure buying a property in Turkey that achieves record profits for you is to be smart and careful in choosing and to be accompanied by a reliable real estate company in the Turkish market.