What are the profits generated from real estate investment in Turkey?

What are the profits generated from real estate investment in Turkey?

شقق للبيع في اسطنبول تركيا

One of the important and most common questions among foreign investors who are thinking about buying property in Istanbul, Turkey before taking the step is, how much returns will the investment make and what percentage of profits will I earn from buying property in Istanbul Turkey?


Among the most important features that attracts foreign investors to buy property in Turkey, is the availability of high investment returns, especially with the large amount of residential and commercial real estate projects that are continuously being established in all areas of Turkey by the most famous Turkish construction companies in the world, especially in the economic and commercial capital of the country "Istanbul", this charming city that is filled with real estate offers in Turkey .

Istanbul contains strong infrastructure and a wide transportation network and exceptional investment opportunities, in addition to the advantages of climate and customs and traditions.

Istanbul apartments for sale are almost unique from the rest of the Turkish cities, with the highest and most competitive return on investment in the real estate market, both locally, European and global.

Many real estate projects in Istanbul have huge and guaranteed profitable returns that extend for many years and in some of them reach 20 full years or more.

How to calculate the returns of real estate investment in Turkey?

One of the most important rules that a foreigner who's buying property in Istanbul must know before learning about the method of calculating the investment return is that the investment returns in Turkey vary according to the type of real estate, and the prices of apartments in Istanbul 2020 also play a main role in determining the return on investment through its ability to rise over time.

It should also be noted that the value of the capital when buying property in Turkey remains constant and the profits are always changing towards the positive.

The value of the profits of Istanbul properties changes according to the location of the property, for example, if an investor buys a property in Turkey with a guaranteed investment return of 6% for a period of 5 years in which he gets 30% of the property value.

And this value increases to reach 100% of the value of the original real estate investment in the event that the real estate area in which the property was bought is a promising region, such as Basin Express, Avcilar and Basaksehir.

Return on real estate investment in Turkey

One of the most important characteristics of real estate investment in Turkey is that the return is guaranteed annually to foreign owners, whether the property is residential or commercial, at a rate of up to 10% of the value of the property in the event of leasing, according to the conditions registered and detailed in the purchase contract.

The city of Istanbul is considered a city of real estate leasing as it was called, due to the volume of annual demand for rental in it, and the increase in its value annually, which makes it one of the most Turkish cities that provide investment opportunities with guaranteed returns.

The property location, as mentioned above, plays a strategic role in determining the value of the investment return, especially if the purchase of the property is for profit, not housing or obtaining Turkish citizenship.

What are the profits generated from real estate investment in Turkey?

On the volume of profitable returns in commercial and residential properties in Istanbul, we find:

  • The increase in the value of the rent in residential properties annually by up to 10% due to the growing demand for it, especially after the big attendance by many nationalities to Turkey, which has opened its doors to foreigners through several types of residencies, most notably tourism and student residence.
  • The possibility of doubling the profits in residential properties under construction that, once completed, raise the sales price by twice, especially in modern residential complexes.
  • Istanbul has many golden opportunities to buy shops in order to resell or rent them with very profitable profits.
  • Istanbul properties provide successful and sustainable investment opportunities because it is one of the most active commercial areas in Turkey. So, a foreign investor finds himself in front of several options for investing in commercial properties among them, stores, warehouses, commercial offices, hotels and hotel apartments that provide long-term investment returns due to their containment of upscale services and unique designs.

Finally, it should be noted that Turkey is one of the few countries in the world, which is constantly working to update its legislative system regarding foreign ownership, and also through a number of decisions that are all in the interest of the foreign investor, especially Arab investors, the last of which is obtaining the Turkish passport by owning a property with a value of only $ 250,000 instead of the one million previously listed in the investment terms.

On the other hand, while buying property in Istanbul, the foreign investor finds himself in front of fictional deals in terms of profits that amount to 100% of the total property value, which is rare in the other capitals where the property value decreases day after day, while the real estate sector in Turkey has grown steadfastly which has surprised investors from all around  the world in the middle of crises, the latest of which was the Corona pandemic, which froze most of the economic activities in all countries, but Turkey real estate showed its strength that made the rate of Istanbul real estate sales rise to its highest level in 8 years, according to the figures calculated at the beginning of 2020 .

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