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The valley of life... Green wealth in the face of creeping cement

The valley of life

"We can launch high-rise projects and luxurious towers. It is true that they will look sophisticated and attractive, but they will remain an orphan if they do not marry with the greenness of nature ..."

Construction companies in Turkey have made this idea a base for them before launching in designing any real estate project. The interest in nature and its preservation has increased and has become a priority for Turkish construction engineers.

Residential projects in Turkey have been experiencing a terrible increase in recent years, but it is interesting to note that none of them is devoid of green spaces that give construction aesthetic and elegance away from the expansion of cement only.

And the size of the real estate projects, such as what we mentioned, has increased in turn, green projects that call for the need to preserve the environment and green spaces in populated areas. Among the most important of those projects that were launched, we find "Valley of Life" in Beylikduzu, west of Istanbul, which represents a natural revolution on the urban expansion projects in Istanbul, which has a population of more than 15 million people, according to the latest official statistics.


The Valley of life: the promising green project

The Green Valley or the valley of life project aims mainly to bring nature to the residents instead of the residents traveling long distances in search of woodland flats and gardens.

The Turkish authorities built the Valley of Life project, which covers an area of one million square meters, in 6 stages, the first stage of which was completed in order to reach the largest park in Istanbul.


Valley of Life ... Engineering and Design

The Valley of Life in Beylikduzu consists of a series of interconnected gardens that connect it to the Marmara Sea, with 1,200 trees, 40 thousand shrubs and 400 independent plants, not to mention 6 thousand flowers of various types.

There are also two lakes in the valley, one of which is an ordinary area of 360 thousand square meters and another of a special design "East Asia" with an area of 739 thousand square meters that will be equipped with a special system of aquatic weeds, fish and marine plants surrounding to create a vital balance system in the region.

The residents of the region and visitors to the valley of life also find waterfalls, streams, fountains, statues of the most famous poets, and sculptures of famous artists and Turkish actors surrounded by chairs and wooden umbrellas distributed in a regular way directed to those wishing to take a rest and recreation and enjoy the scenic views of the valley amid the embrace of the virgin nature.

The contents of the project are not limited to green lawns, gardens and various types of roses, but the green valley was designed according to the standards of major entertainment areas complete with features and provided with the finest services as it contains restaurants and cafes ready for use in addition to two schools equipped with housing units for teachers, municipal headquarters, mosques, playgrounds and spaces for sports.

The Istanbul Municipality is keen to provide the Valley of Life project with an ice rink, a pool equipped with water games, a ceremonial square, a presidential building, and a garden with a Japanese-designed cafeteria.

As for hiking trails, Beylikduzu Valley of Life will have private walkways along the 3.5 km hiking paths and bike trails for 1.8 km inside the park.

The Valley of Life in Istanbul, Turkey will be equipped with about 60 360-degree surveillance cameras to secure all corners of the park, not to mention the many security guard points.

The valley will contain two types of lighting poles "2 - 5" meters and 3 public toilets.


The Valley of life... an environmental project for profitable real estate investments

Even before handing over the Valley of Life project in all its parts, property prices in Beylikduzu region witnessed a great rise and rush by Turkish and foreign investors in the last two years, where we find a crazy demand to buy apartments in Istanbul by those who want to own property in areas adjacent to green areas.

The lands adjacent to the Valley of Life are considered the best for the construction of residential complexes in Beylikdüzü, which is one of the most prestigious areas of urban expansion in the European part of Istanbul.

Among the most important features of Beylikduzu region we find:

  • The air is very clean due to the region’s distance from the noise of industrial cities and its availability on the largest green project in Istanbul, “Valley of Life”
  • The great availability of the transportation network "Metro Bus, and the tramway line that passes through the Valley of Life project will be launched soon, and various types of buses, taxis, etc." which made the access to the area easy and available to all.
  • The construction in Beylikdüzü is characterized by a highly organized engineering layout away from the slums and the narrow streets close to the mouth of some urban areas in Istanbul.
  • Beylikduzu offers many tourist places that attract a lot of tourists annually, chief among them the famous Marina coast.


The most important real estate projects in Beylikduzu