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Vadi Istanbul mall... enjoy shopping in the nature’s arms

مول وادي إسطنبول.. متعة التسوق بين أحضان الطبيعة

Istanbul city is considered the favorite destination for tourists as it contains a lot of beautiful touristic places in Turkey and also because of its charming nature and its many outstanding historical treasures and monuments.

In addition to all of that Istanbul is also characterized by its many and big shopping centers which are spread all over the city in both European and the Asian.

And because shopping is an important activity for the tourists who come to Istanbul let’s get to know one of the biggest shopping centers in the city,

About Vadi İstanbul mall

Vadi Istanbul shopping center is located in Sariyer on the European side of Istanbul. The mall is on a 103,000 m2 space area and consists of 270 stores in addition to cafes, restaurants, and an entertainment center.

This shopping center was built and designed according to the standards of the fourth-generation style, and it was decorated with the most sophisticated architectural designs.

Why you should visit Vadi Istanbul Mall

What characterizes this shopping center and gives it its name “Vadi Istanbul” which means Istanbul’s valley, is the green trees and plants that were planted inside of the mall which gives its visitors a unique shopping experience in the arms of nature.

Entertainment - Vadi Istanbul Mall

In the mall, you can also find the big cinema theaters which were supplied with the newest show techniques, in addition to the famous international and Turkish clothing brands. 

There are more stores, restaurants and activities in Vadistanbul Shopping Centre than you'll require.

The mall is home to a Gold Class Cinemaximum and a Jolly Joker and a Magic World should you want to host fantastic family-friendly events within Istanbul.

In the upper floor, and the open space There is a kids' park , where children can enjoy themselves. There are baby care rooms on each floor, along with battery-powered wheelchairs, chairs, and recharge stations for handicapped visitors.

Vadistanbul is a combination of some of the most popular local franchises such as Altinyildiz, Atasay, Beko and Gratis together with international brands such as Pierre Cardin, Rossman, Adidas and Nike.

Restaurants in Vadi Istanbul Mall

You can also enjoy a nice meal after a long day of shopping in the mall’s food court which contains Turkish food restaurants and international restaurant chains.

It's a big mistake to visit Vadistanbul and not try to eat in one of the luxurious dining establishments. Numerous local restaurants offer great meals here if you're looking to taste delicious Turkish cuisine.

Vadi İstanbul Residence


In addition to the mall, Vadi Istanbul provides you with sumptuous living spaces. There are 804 units in Vadi Istanbul, most of which are either 3+1 or 4+1, making it fit for the whole family.  Whatever you may require from a trendy living space, Vadistanbul has it: an indoor and outdoor pool, tennis court, sauna, basketball field, children’s park, and so on. Its area next to the attractive Belgrad Forest provides a stunning natural view.

Vadistanbul Opening and Closing Hours


Just like most other malls in Turkey, Vadistanbul is open between 10 AM and 10 PM. It is open every day of the week, even on Sunday and holidays. On the first days of the religious holidays, it opens between 12 – 14 PM.