How to achieve high investment returns while buying apartments for sale in Turkey?

What Is the real estate investment return in Turkey?

كيف تحقق عوائد استثمارية عالية أثناء شراء شقق للبيع في تركيا ؟

Turkey is a center of attraction for Arab and foreign investors, as it has many investment opportunities, most notably investment in Turkey's real estate, as this is one of the most prominent types of investments that attract the Arab investor, and here Istanbul real estate is of great interest to those wishing to buy apartments in Istanbul for the purpose of real estate investment in Turkey.

These investors in apartments for sale in Turkey seek to achieve a great return from real estate investment in Turkey in general and from buying apartments in Istanbul in particular, as most Arab and foreign investors who have made various investments in Turkey's real estate narrate.

Today we will talk about investment returns in Turkey, how to calculate investment returns, and the most important tips in order to achieve guaranteed high investment returns while buying apartments for sale in Turkey?


The main points:

What is the return on investment in Turkey?

How to calculate the investment return in Turkey?

Investment returns in residential real estate in Turkey.

Investment returns in commercial real estate in Turkey.

Al Hoda projects suitable for achieving a high return on investment.


Real estate investment in Turkey ... guaranteed investment returns in the medium and long term

What is the return on investment in Turkey?

The investment return or expected profits is among the most important features that drive investors from different countries of the world to the appetite for apartments for sale in Turkey, as Turkey's real estate has high investment returns, especially with the large number of residential and commercial real estate projects that are being done continuously in all areas of Turkey. By the oldest and most famous Turkish construction companies in the world.

Istanbul guarantees the economic and commercial capital of Turkey and this charming city that is not without the interface of real estate offers in Turkey mentioning the phrase apartments for sale Istanbul, which guarantees the investor high investment returns due to its strong infrastructure, a wide and varied transportation network and exceptional investment opportunities, in addition to the advantages of the climate, customs and traditions .

Istanbul apartments for sale are almost unique from other Turkish cities with the highest and most competitive return on investment in the real estate market, whether at the local, European and global levels.

Many real estate projects for sale in Istanbul have huge and guaranteed returns that extend for many years, and some of them reach 20 full years.

How to calculate the investment return in Turkey

The method of calculating the return on real estate investment differs from other types of investment, as the capital increase is calculated on an annual basis, and that increase depends on the good choice of the property, as the investor must choose the strategic and vital location, which guarantees him an increase in the real estate price on an annual basis .

It is possible for the investor to choose his property in a new, growing and developing area, which will guarantee him a capital increase in a few years.

Real estate investment depends in its principle on two main points, namely the profit return of leasing, and the profit return from resale.

For example, if an investment is made in a property with a guaranteed investment return of 6% for a period of 5 years, the investor gets 30% of the property's value.

And if the real estate location is in a promising and developing area, meaning that the real estate prices can increase well, then the investor gets, upon resale, 50-70% of the original investment value.

This value increases to reach 100% of the value of the original real estate investment if the real estate area in which apartments for sale Istanbul were purchased were promising, such as Basin Express, Avcilar and Basaksehir.

Investment returns in residential real estate in Turkey

Residential real estate, i.e. apartments for sale in Turkey, apartments for sale in Istanbul, and also villas for sale in Turkey are among the most important types of residential real estate in order to achieve high investment returns, whether during renting them or thinking about selling them.

In general, one of the most important features of real estate investment in Turkey is that the return is guaranteed annually to the foreign owner, whether residential or commercial real estate, at a rate of up to 10% of the property's value if it is leased according to conditions recorded and detailed in the purchase contract.

The city of Istanbul is considered the city of real estate leasing as it was called, due to the size of the annual demand for leasing in it, and the increase in its value annually, which makes it one of the most Turkish cities that provide investment opportunities with guaranteed returns.

The geographical location, as previously mentioned, plays a strategic role in determining the value of the investment return, especially if the purchase of the property is for profit and not for housing or obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Regarding the size of the profitable returns in residential real estate in Istanbul, for example, we find an increase in the annual rental value in residential real estate at a value of up to 10% due to the growing demand for it, especially after the wave of great trend by many nationalities to Turkey, which opened its doors to foreigners through several types of residency, most notably Tourist and student residence.

In addition, there is a great potential for doubling the profits in residential properties under construction, which, once completed, increase sales prices by double, especially in modern residential complexes.

Istanbul has many golden opportunities to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul within residential complexes under construction and ready-made housing projects for resale or rent with very meaningful profits.

Investment returns in commercial real estate in Turkey

Commercial real estate includes stores, home offices, hotel apartments, restaurants, stores and warehouses, where investing in shops is one of the most successful types of investment, as this type of investment offers high profit returns in the event of renting the shop, or reselling it after several years.

As for the home offices, they provide a high profit return and these properties are characterized by ease of renting and a long-term contract, because the tenant establishes an office and his workplace, and his stay in it will be prolonged for years so as not to lose his clients who are accustomed to the location of his headquarters.

As for the hotel apartments, its system is characterized by the speed of leasing, since Istanbul is an important tourist city to which tourists flock throughout the year, so choosing apartments for the hotel system will be successful.

Most of the construction companies for complexes with a hotel system also grant a rental guarantee for several years with an excellent profit return.

For their part, restaurants, stores and warehouses are very important to achieve high investment returns, given the country's tourism and economic nature and the urgent need for such facilities.

In general, Istanbul real estate also has successful and sustainable investment opportunities as it is one of the most active commercial areas in Turkey, so the foreign investor finds himself in front of several options to invest in commercial real estate, as we mentioned previously, "stores, warehouses, commercial offices, hotels and hotel apartments" which all provide returns. Long term investment.

And for those questioning about real estate investment in Turkey during times of crisis, such as the drop in the Turkish lira and the Corona pandemic, here we reassure everyone that real estate in Turkey has experienced growth and prosperity in sales during this period, unlike the rest of the previous periods, and an increase in its value, i.e. the rise in real estate prices in Istanbul in particular, It is strong evidence that the real estate market in Turkey is profitable under any circumstances.


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