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24 best areas for buying apartments in Istanbul?

أفضل مناطق شراء شقق في اسطنبول

During the last years of the life of real estate ownership in Istanbul, new areas have emerged, around which many Turkish and foreign investors have gathered, due to the construction boom that it has witnessed, where many infrastructure projects have been constructed along with substantial real estate projects consisting of villas, apartments, and residential complexes with integrated services. And below, we will shed light on the most prominent areas that can achieve profits for the owners in them at the European part of Istanbul, as follows:

  • Buyukcekmece

Buyukcekmece or the Aghawat neighborhood, one of the most prestigious coastal areas in the European part of Istanbul on the coast of the Marmara Sea and Buyukcekmece Bay, and includes many luxury neighborhoods, residential complexes, and very luxurious properties, including (Alkent 2000) and Mimar Sinan neighborhood, in addition to its unique architectural villas, Tuyap Exhibition City, many commercial centers, companies, cafes, luxury restaurants, tourist attractions, educational schools, and governmental and private hospitals.

  • Topkapi

Topkapi is located in the Fatih area on the Golden Horn in the European part of Istanbul and was named based on the name of the Topkapi Palace, which was transformed into a museum in 1924. The area contains the most important historical landmarks of Istanbul, including Sultanahmet Square, Aksaray, Eminonu and Yenikapi ports, where There are departure stations for ships that transport passengers by sea between the European and Asian sides of the city.

Topkapi is rich in a very strong infrastructure, "metro lines, tramways, metrobus and a varied transportation network", in addition to many public hospitals and universities, including Istanbul University, the oldest in the country and historical markets such as the Egyptian market, weekly bazaars and restaurants, especially the Arab ones.

  • Sariyer

Sariyer, which is one of the most prestigious regions in Turkey, is located in the far north of the European part of Istanbul, on an area of 161 km2 and with a population of about 289 thousand people. It has an exceptional and strategic location as it is a large area consisting of villages in the western section of the Bosphorus at the historical lighthouse Rumeli To the regions of Tarabya, Yenikoy and Estonia.

Sariyer is bordered to the north by the Eyup region, to the south by the Besiktas region, and the west by the Sisli district, in addition to its charming view of the Bosphorus and its containment of many parks and commercial centres that include various Turkish and international brands.

Most of the Turkish celebrities and foreign investors choose the Sariyer region intending to buy real estate in Istanbul, whether for housing or investment, especially that its real estate projects are luxurious in addition to the distinctive character of Sariyer, which combines in a rare scene between the green of the mountain and the blue of the sea, which every summer turns into turquoise, the symbol of Ottoman civilization. And its mosques and clothing.

  • Şirintepe

Şirintepe is the strategic area on the European side of Istanbul, as it is listed among the most important attractions for those wishing to invest in real estate in Istanbul, next to the highway through which only minutes can be reached to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge that connects Istanbul with Europe and Asia, in addition to the ease and speed of access to Istanbul's city centre.

The Şirintepe area is close to the Belgrade forests, Istanbul's green artery, in addition to containing many malls and luxury shopping centres.

  • Serdivan

Serdivan is one of the largest and most beautiful areas of western Sakarya, which is charming and quiet, dating back to the seventeenth century AD and includes many luxurious properties.

Serdivan has integrated services and strong infrastructure of hospitals, schools, universities, commercial complexes, hotels, restaurants, cafes and cinemas.

  • Kucukcekmece

Küçükçekmece is located on the outskirts of the Marmara Sea in the western part of European Istanbul, bordered by the Zeytinburnu region to the east, Basaksehir on the northern side, and Esenyurt from the western direction. It is distinguished by its social lifestyle, advanced organization and wonderful facilities.


Küçükçekmece allows its visitors to tour by boat and practice rowing in its lake, which contains many wild birds such as ducks and gulls.

  • Esenyurt

Esenyurt is one of 39 municipalities of the European province of Istanbul spanning an area of 2770 hectares and located 43.11 square kilometres west of European Istanbul far from Istanbul Airport 49 km from the famous Taksim Square by 35 km and from the historical Fatih municipality of 28 km.


Its green spaces and lush gardens distinguish Esenyurt. In addition to many modern residential complexes projects, malls and mineral water centres, as well as one of the most beautiful water cities in Istanbul, "Aqua Club Dolphin".


  • Bahçeşehir

Bahçeşehir or the city of open gardens, due to its natural and artificial lakes, valleys, wonderful green spaces, trees and delightful gardens, small plateaus and hills distributed in every corner of the region, which made its name associated with all Turks and even tourists with fresh air, charming views, natural beauty and glamorous nurseries, most notably "Gulet" park, the largest in the city. 


It has an area of ​​300 thousand square meters, where thousands visit it annually to enjoy the magnificence of landscapes and waterways, in addition to the largest artificial lake that sleeps on its banks the finest and most exquisite types of flowers embracing green spaces that extend as far as the sight interspersed with the sounds of birds and the magic of various animals that The place increased its glory and elegance.


The strategic location of Bahçeşehir district has prompted officials to race against time to provide it with all the necessary facilities, especially transportation, as the region's centralization between Ataturk airports, which will turn into the third-largest beach park in the world, will be called "People's Park" and the new Istanbul airport was an important factor for establishing a line The subway plays an important role in facilitating and speeding up the time to reach it by reducing it to a few minutes.

  • Sisli

The history of Sisli, which occupies a geographical area of 35 square kilometres, dates back to 3 centuries ago. Sisli gained a wide reputation after the founder of the new republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk owned a house in the area, which is now turned into a museum called "Ataturk House".


The name şişli was recently associated with high-rise properties, tall towers, modern villas and homes designed with the best engineering designs, as well as politicians, artists, business leaders and famous personalities who chose işli to live and settle exclusively from other Istanbul neighbourhoods.

  • Taksim

Taksim is one of the tourist areas that millions of people visit annually, where they find ancient history mixed with contemporary life on the famous Istiklal Street, where they can enjoy the beauty of the region and wander in its luxurious shops that contain various Turkish and international brands.

The square also includes a monument to the Turkish Republic and the Day of Liberation and Victory, designed by the Italian artist Pietro Canonica, and people usually gather to take pictures in front of it.

Taksim Square annually witnesses a market, events, art exhibitions and other books and activities for children, which makes vitality an integral part of the region and a prominent feature of the division throughout the year.

In the area, there are also a large number of luxury properties with a historical character, hotels, shops, and libraries, as well as cafes and restaurants.

  • Basin Express

Basin Express is located on the European side of Istanbul and precisely in the vital municipality of Bagcilar, bordered on the north by the Basaksehir district, the real estate capital of Istanbul, to the south by Ataturk Airport and the Sea of Marmara, and to the east by the Bayrampasa district, while to the west, its borders border both Avcilar, Beylikduzu, and Basin Express gained its name from its strategic location, where It is considered an axis connecting the two most important transportation arteries in Istanbul, which are the international lines E-5 and the TEM line.

Basin Express is known for its vital location between the main transportation hubs and major facilities in Istanbul, which made it a favourite destination for many business people and employees with middle and high income since most of the real estate projects in which it is located are safe residential complexes close to economic and financial companies.

  • Basaksehir

Basaksehir district is located in the European part of Istanbul on a length of 106 square kilometres bordered on the four sides, to the north: Arnavutkoy district and Eyup region, to the east: Sultan Ghazi and Asenler region, to the south: Bagcilar, Avcilar and Kucukcekmece region and to the west by Esenyurt district.

Basaksehir, which has a large area, is considered an area that combines the best and most beautiful landscapes, as it is located near the largest cypress and pine forests, in addition to containing the most prominent reserve in Istanbul. This famous “Shamlar” reserve is visited annually by thousands of tourists to enjoy seeing many rare animals.

Basaksehir has a strong infrastructure that varies between a diversified transportation network, many Turkish and international schools, universities, as well as hospitals, most notably the medical city of Basaksehir.

  • Gaziosmanpaşa

The name Gazi Osman Pasha is associated with the vibrant area in the European part of Istanbul along the E80 highway, which means that it has a central geographical location next to the Eyüp area near the heart of Istanbul. Its area is about 38 square kilometres with a population of more than half a million people, which made its crowded streets pulsate throughout the year.

Transportation varies in Gaziosmanpaşa, between trams, buses, taxis and others, just minutes away from the centre of Istanbul, and it also contains Venice Mall, one of the most famous, most important and most prestigious malls of Istanbul.

  • Florya

15 km from the European centre of Istanbul and 25 km from the famous Taksim Square, Istanbul sleeps, the luxurious city "Florya", the most prestigious municipality of Bakirkoy and adjacent to the coast of the charming Marmara Sea, is the most sought-after area by foreigners wishing to buy real estate in Turkey, where the most prestigious resides. Real estate projects and offers for Istanbul apartments for sale.

Florya Istanbul, one of the most vital cities and the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey, which is visited by thousands of tourists annually to enjoy its beautiful views and high-end services, in addition to significant growth in recent years for the number of those wishing to settle in it permanently, whether Turks or foreigners, whose requests have increased significantly to buy Apartments in Istanbul Florya.

Florya combines all the elements of luxury and beauty with its distinctive and entertaining services, malls, restaurants, streets, parks and climate, which in recent years has turned it into a place where everyone pilgrimages in search of days full of entertainment, comfort, fun and relaxation and buying real estate in Istanbul Florya.

  • Ispartakule

Ispartakule is the most favoured neighbourhood in Istanbul, situated at the passage of Bahcesehir, extremely near the Istanbul Canal venture site. A metro station will be opened soon, and direct access from Ispartakule to the TEM motorway is accessible through a private bridge interfacing them.

Ispartakule offers views of the Marmara Sea and the picturesque Kucukcekmece Lake in a distinctive green area. Still, Ispartakule is far from traffic congestion and city noise.

  • Avcilar

Avcilar was classified as one of the municipalities of Istanbul in the year 1992, as it is located in the most important regions of the economic capital of Turkey, where it meets the west of Esenyurt and Beylikduzu.


It is bordered to the north by the Basaksehir region, which contains the largest medical city in Europe, while on the east it is adjacent to Lake Kucukcekmece. In contrast, from the south, its borders embrace the coasts of the Sea of Marmara with its views, which are among the most beautiful views of the coastal places in Istanbul, which made construction companies flock to build real estate in Avcilar, especially with the increase in ownership requests there.

Avcilar has most of the necessary and fast means of transportation in Istanbul, including the Metrobus, the fastest means of transportation, in addition to its proximity to the two largest vital roads in Turkey E5 and TEM.

  • Bakirkoy

The area with a charming view of the Marmara Sea or the city of the wealthy, as known in Turkey, contains beautiful coasts and organized streets that correspond to the high-end lifestyle in addition to its proximity to the Zeytinburnu area, the stronghold of the most important commercial market in Istanbul, and Bakirkoy has a series of tourist attractions, the most important of which are The most luxurious international hotels and the most famous 5-star restaurants in terms of services and the largest shopping malls such as the Aqua Florya Mall and the Marmara Forum Mall.

  • Maslak

Maslak or the pearl of Istanbul, which belongs to the Sariyer region on the European side of Istanbul, which is famous for its green views and sophistication, as it was recently classified as the third most expensive region in Turkey and contained museums, palaces and castles dating back to the seventeenth century AD that narrates the history of the region, which was a centre for the nobles, princes and sultans of the Ottoman era.

Maslak is considered one of the safest areas against earthquakes in Istanbul and is distinguished by its high floor and picturesque views of the greenery of the charming Belgrade forests, which made its air fresh and clean and its climate suitable for living.

Maslak has many high-rise residential and commercial towers, as well as luxury hotels, restaurants, and malls with impressive views of the Bosphorus, which has turned it into a destination for the wealthy Turks and foreigners.

  • Bagcilar

Bagcilar is a small area compared to the rest of Istanbul. Still, its strategic location gives it great importance as it is adjacent to the Basin Express area and the E-80 highway, which has turned it into an incubator area for many modern urban projects.

Bagcilar, with its geographical location, competes with the rest of the urban development areas with huge residential complexes in addition to its strong transportation network, "metros, buses ... and others".

Bagcilar contains many archaeological and tourist attractions, commercial markets and malls, most notably "Port Outlet 212" and "Mall of Istanbul", in addition to leading vital, educational and health facilities in Istanbul.

  • Beyoglu

Beyoglu or the amazing city, suitable for those interested in tourism, as it contains a number of famous landmarks, most notably the Galata Tower, Istiklal Street, Art Gallery, the Hatton Mosque, Atlas Pass and Aslihan Pass.

Beyoglu district is located on the European side of Istanbul, and it is among the most prestigious and most famous areas and real estate in Istanbul, as it is separated from the old city by the Golden Horn adjacent to the historical Fatih district.

  • Kağıthane 

The Kağıthane  region was founded in the Byzantine period, near the course of a river bearing the same name as the region. After decades it turned into an industrial investment area.

Kagithane is located near Maslak, Sisli, Levent, Taksim and Al-Fateh, and it boasts many tourist areas, in the forefront of which are Asadabad Palace, Has Bhath Park, Amrahour and Ahmed III , and Miniaturk Park, in addition to the charming village of Kagithane.

Kagithane has a strong infrastructure, a diversified transportation network, and huge real estate projects whose prices have increased by half over the past few years.

  • Fatih

The historical, cultural and civilizational Fatih district is located in the heart of Istanbul. It is considered the beating heart of tourism in the city, as it is surrounded by the sea on three sides and has an area of about 16 square kilometres, with a population of nearly half a million people.

The Fatih area contains many popular markets and tourist attractions, the most important of which are Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Topkapi Museum, and includes Yenikapi and Eminonu ports.

The transportation network of Fatih district is considered the strongest in Istanbul with its diversity, in addition to a strong infrastructure made up of schools, hospitals, restaurants, cafes and hundreds of companies and economic institutions.

  • Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu district extends over about 11 square kilometres in the heart of the most vibrant area in Istanbul. It is bordered to the east by Avcilar district, to the west by Buyukcekmece Lake, to the north by Esenyurt and the south by the charming Marmara Beach.

The Beylikduzu region is witnessing a great boom in the field of real estate investment of high quality and tight organization, which made it a destination for many Turkish and foreign investors, especially Arabs, among them who buy strongly within the offers of its residential complexes with integrated services.

The arrival of the Metrobus line to Beylikduzu, which connects it to the Asian side of Istanbul, is considered the most important feature of the infrastructure advantages of the promising real estate area "Beylikduzu".

  • Atakoy

The Atakoy district of Bakirkoy municipality is located in European Istanbul, where it is considered one of the most prestigious residential areas near the Atakoy Marina, where luxury yachts are located, as well as the metro and Metrobus station and many malls, most notably Galleria Mall Istanbul, Capacity Istanbul and many luxury 5-star hotels.

Atakoy is among the most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul due to its enjoyment of a great deal of calm and isolation thanks to its distance from the famous tourist attractions that witness a lot of noise and crowds coming for tourism in Istanbul, in addition to its picturesque nature that did not lack the distinctive modern spirit of Istanbul and its small area as part of the Bakirkoy district Eastern.

All the areas mentioned above are the best places in Turkey for the real estate investment step, provided that the process of buying a property in Istanbul is accompanied by reliable accompaniment for the property management service.