6 questions and answers about buying apartments for sale in Turkey

6 أسئلة و أجوبة حول حول شراء شقق للبيع في تركيا

Usually, many questions hover in the minds of investors wishing to buy apartments for sale in Turkey, most of them about real estate prices in Turkey, whether they are apartments for sale in European Istanbul, Asian Istanbul, or other Turkish cities.


On the other hand, applications for obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey have also increased recently, especially after the Turkish authorities' facilities related to granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners.


In the forefront of which is the determination of the minimum value for buying a property in Turkey in exchange for Turkish citizenship at 250 thousand US dollars.


It should be noted that buying apartments for sale in Turkey allows the foreign investor to obtain real estate residency even if the investor buys cheap flats in Turkey. It is the most critical feature that every foreigner benefits from when buying a property in Turkey or buying a retail store or buying apartments for sale in Istanbul.


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6 Questions & Answers About Buying Property in Turkey


Among the most critical common questions asked by those who buy apartments for sale in Turkey, we find:


  • What is the best area to buy real estate in Turkey?
  • I want a sea view apartment at a value of 30 thousand dollars, is this offer available?
  • What are the real estate prices in Turkey? Real estate prices in Istanbul ??
  • Are there cheap apartments on the Bosphorus?
  • How can I buy a cheap apartment in Turkey?
  • What is the minimum for buying real estate in Turkey 2020?

The buyer has many items related to the real estate issue, and if we do some statistics, we find that most of the questions revolve around real estate prices in Turkey and apartments for sale in Istanbul at low prices in 2020.


We also find questions about buying apartments for sale in Turkey in installments and the lowest amount paid to buy an apartment in Istanbul.


Yes, indeed, you can buy apartments for sale in Turkey at reasonable and cheap prices, and there are many offers that Alhuda Real Estate Investment Company offers to you inside and outside Istanbul.


Among the most important of these places are Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Trabzon, Bursa and Alanya.


Each of the aforementioned areas has its advantages, some of which are distinguished by stunning sea views, and some of them are distinguished by history and heritage.


For apartments in Turkey, their prices vary according to the location and age of the apartment or property.


For example, if the apartment is old and far from the Metrobus, the price will be affordable and it is easy to find cheap apartments in Turkey, but if the apartment belongs to a residential complex and is close to transportation, the price will be high compared to an apartment in a normal building outside the complex.


There are those who prefer to live in residential complexes because of the availability of many services and permanent guarding, and in return, others do not care about such advantages, and their goal is to buy a property in Turkey and obtain continental residency at the lowest price.


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As for the answer to the question of whether there are apartments next to the Bosphorus at low prices, there are no cheap sea-view apartments offered.


The high prices in this region are due to being a central and vital area and the sea surrounding it.


As for apartments with remote sea views, their prices vary according to their proximity and distance from the sea, as well as their proximity and distance from the city center.


You can find apartments for sale in Turkey at a price of up to 20 thousand dollars, but these apartments are old, and most of them are apartments without a title deed.


It is also far from the city center, markets, and central areas, and thus the residents of these areas are forced to use the dolmus to reach the Metrobus.


Therefore, you must pay attention and be patient when choosing a Turkey property and not rush to buy apartments for sale in Turkey. Consequently, we recommend consulting an expert in the field of real estate in Turkey or dealing with a reliable real estate company to help you choose the right property for you. Here, Turkey's guidance for real estate investment offers you the best option and reliable accompaniment for buying apartments for sale in Istanbul and other cities.

Prices for apartments for sale in Istanbul

A topic such as the prices of apartments for sale in Istanbul and Turkey in general, its analysis differs from one person to another, for example, a new two-room apartment and a salon for 300 thousand dollars based on the coast of the Marmara Sea in the Bakirkoy area is considered a cheap and an opportunity for real estate investment in Turkey.


The same apartment specifications in another area far from the city center and transportation are not cheap, even if it is $ 100 thousand.


So the expense or licenses of the apartment or real estate in Turkey are determined by the investor according to his vision and purpose of buying apartments for sale in Istanbul or real estate in Turkey in general.


According to the location and specifications, the prices of apartments for sale in Turkey vary from one apartment to another. It is impossible to find an apartment with a Bosphorus view at the same price as an apartment overlooking the sea. It is also impossible to compare an apartment in the city center close to transportation with an apartment far from everything.


Prices also differ from one city to another. For example, real estate prices in Istanbul and real estate prices in Izmir are entirely different.


The tabu has a significant role in determining the price of apartments in Turkey, so an apartment with a ready-made title deed is more expensive than an apartment that does not have a title deed. Do not forget that apartments in residential complexes have different prices from apartments outside residential complexes. Buying a property under construction is cheaper than buying a ready property.


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Another aspect that you must consider when determining the prices of apartments for sale in Turkey is the apartment area.


For example, there are two-room apartments and a salon with an area of ​​150 meters and another 125 square meters, and the price of the flats varies by 20%, and this also applies to villas for sale in Turkey.


However, in the villas' parameters, an additional determinant is included: the area of ​​the land belonging to the estate, and the location of ​​the existing building is added to it.


The prices of villas in Turkey also vary according to the sea views and the previously mentioned limitations.


The average price of a typical villa in Istanbul ranges between 300 and 500 thousand dollars, depending on the region. Prices may reach five million dollars, depending on the features of the villas.


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For residential complexes, prices range from 100 to 250 thousand dollars for a two-bedroom apartment and a salon.

You can also find a lower price of up to $ 70,000 if it is located in a remote area, and the complex does not have many services.


As for the regular apartments outside the residential complexes, their price ranges between approximately 70 and 150 thousand dollars. The price is not fixed, of course, depending on the spaces, views, and region.

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Rent a property in Istanbul

If you want to rent a property in Istanbul, you realize that the prices of apartments for sale in Istanbul are somewhat high


Here are these conditions:

  • You cannot benefit from apartments in Istanbul that are rented for commercial purposes.
  • You will not be able to rent apartments in Istanbul with anyone else.
  • As a tenant of the property in Istanbul, you will send the installments to the property owner's account within a maximum period of the evening of the fifth day of each month.
  • As a property tenant in Turkey, you must report any damage that results from not vacating the property in cases that require eviction.


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