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Good news for Iraqis wishing to resume travel to Turkey

Good news for Iraqis wishing to resume travel to Turkey

The Corona pandemic, over more than three months of 2020, caused the freezing or suspension of most activities in Turkey, especially the economic ones, which produced an unprecedented wave of panic and terror for those who were planning to complete many projects during the current year similar to the businessmen and foreign investors seeking a successful real estate investment opportunities that require travel to one of the most important real estate capitals in the world.

Once the pandemic has begun, the Turkish government has sought to gradually return to normal life by lifting restrictions on several aspects that have been closed because of the pandemic, or temporarily frozen, including those related to travel and transportation to Turkey.

In this regard, Iraqi have the first best luck of the foreign’s share, in view of what they have proven from a large presence in Turkey, whether at the top of tourism, investment or stability lists, as revealed by all official statistics.

In this regard, the Turkish embassy in Baghdad has published an important statement on the resumption of acceptance of applications for visa applicants, starting from Sunday, May 17.

And detailed in the Turkish embassy statement that, based on the return of life to normal after the pandemic of Covid-19 and the possibility of opening the borders again for international travel and what will be followed automatically by re-taking flights again between Iraq and Turkey and with the aim of preventing any momentum and crowding and queues during future visa reviews operations the sticker visa for Iraqi citizens will be directly accepted from May 17, 2020.

With regard to submitting applications for the Turkish visa for the Iraqi citizens, it will be, as usual, through the "GateWay" company, the mediator between the Iraqi citizens and the Turkish embassy, ​​provided that later the various representations of the Turkish Republic in Iraq grant the visa to each Iraqi who submitted the complete file and fulfilled all the conditions for travel to Turkey.

And reminded the Turkish embassy in Baghdad of the fees for applying for a Turkish visa for Iraqi citizens, which amount to 50 US dollars per application.

The same statement cautioned that granting the Turkish visa to the Iraqis in light of the Corona pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions does not mean freedom of movement to Turkey, which has land borders with Iraq, only after the issuance of an official decision by the Turkish government that authorizes the holder of the visa to enter Turkish soil legally without penetrating any instruction and the resulting problems.

Those who know about economic affairs believe that the decision really paves the way for a gradual return to normal life and also heralds the imminent opening of borders, thus gradually resuming travel while respecting the procedures to prevent the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

The procedure also constitutes a real opportunity for Iraqis who want to complete their plans in the field of real estate investments and buy property in Turkey, which they have taken the lead position in the number of their sales in recent years in succession, the last of which was last year by purchasing 7596 properties.

Real estate experts advise Iraqi investors to seize the opportunity of home quarantine in order to initiate the facilitative procedures provided by various construction companies and official departments of the real estate registry by selling the property online in addition to large discounts on prices Turkey properties during this exceptional period which witnesses a decrease in the exchange of the lira against the dollar, which usually used by Iraqi investors in purchases process of property in Turkey, which would save them a lot of expenses, whether they are related to the difference in exchange resulting from the high dollar or other costs such as travel, hotel reservation, etc.

Alhuda Real Estate Company provides all facilities to our esteemed clients from Iraq during the period of home quarry, where an elite group of experts and lawyers guarantee all purchase transactions and own a property in Turkey from the moment of providing free consultations to the moment of handing the key to the investor once the borders are opened to Turkey.