Investing in real estate under construction in Turkey

Investing in real estate under construction in Turkey

عقارات في تركيا قيد الإنشاء

It is common among foreign investors who want to buy property in Turkey that ready properties are the best way towards real estate investment in Turkey and achieving the largest amount of profits, but all these concepts changed quickly when they were informed of the impressive results achieved by investors who booked their properties since the beginning of the building works and supervised their construction step by step and moment by moment within the framework of what is known buying a property under construction.


Turkey embraced in the last ten years many residential projects under construction, i.e. non-ready real estate that begins its marketing campaign right after completing the default design, default design, where a foreigner who thinks about buying property in Istanbul, for example can visit real estate projects accompanied by a real estate agent or one of the real estate companies deployed in Istanbul, similar to Alhuda Real Estate Company, which provides real estate tours service through which the foreign investor can see the typical apartment, building floor and materials used in it, as well as direct communication with the construction companies charged with completing the project and thus the opportunity to make adjustments on the apartment or commercial store as desired.

Turkey is one of the few countries that allow foreigners to purchase under construction property in Turkey.

In recent years, under construction properties have become among the most popular and preferred by foreign investors, especially Arab investors.


What benefits do you get if you buy "under construction property in Turkey "?


  • The process of buying property in Istanbul under construction has many advantages that cannot be found in any other type of purchase, which reflects the great stimulus that real estate development companies offer to investors who want to buy a property in Turkey or who are seeking to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property .
  • Below, we will detail the advantages of buying under construction property in Turkey, so that the picture becomes clearer to foreign investors:
  • Under construction properties allows the foreign investor to pay its value in installments, especially with the great focus that many investors attach to this type of real estate, for example, the term apartment prices in Istanbul 2020 is considered the most frequent on various electronic search engines, so we find all under construction real estate projects offers to customers to buy property in Turkey in installments at intervals that are agreed upon between the seller and the buyer, with first payments ranging from 30 to 40% of the total value of the property, with the remaining installments paid in stages that may reach an average of 24 months, while some other projects are in installments at intervals Long-lasting sometimes even 10 years.
  • Buying under construction property in Turkey means taking advantage of the best attractive offers and discounts since most construction companies make big discounts on the first installments in order to ensure the start of the project, so experts consider that investors who have the opportunity to buy a property under construction in a promising area, to be the most fortunate investors in Turkey.
  • The foreign investor who buy a property in Turkey under construction, has made the most important deal in his life as he can benefit from the guaranteed increase in the prices of property in Turkey in the future as the prices of houses in Turkey under construction are very low, This enhances the profits of investors, especially those who buy real estate in Istanbul for rent or resale, or within modern residential complexes that provide integrated services near tourist places, a large transportation network and strong infrastructure projects.

Construction companies in Turkey are always working on real estate projects near urban transformation projects, which has created promising real estate areas where buying a property  under construction is considered a successful deal due to the rise of prices of property in Turkey in the heart of these areas with the passage of time compared to the purchase price.

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