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Turkish citizenship

تفاصيل الحصول على الجنسية التركية

Many investors choose to buy property in Turkey as a short and direct path to a larger goal which is obtaining the Turkish passport in order to avoid all the complications, i.e. benefiting from this difficult to achieve aim in many countries that match Turkey with beauty, economy and an investment climate.

The law stipulates how to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying property in Istanbul or Turkey in general:

One of the laws that attracted the enthusiasm and eagerness of investors from all sides and aimed to motivate them to own property in Turkey strongly is the issuance of the Turkish government on September 19 of the year 2018 of a legislative text allowing foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property with a minimum of $ 250,000 only Instead of a million US dollars that were previously imposed for how to obtain the Turkish passport.

The procedures for how to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property at the beginning required from 4 months to 6 months, depending on the circumstances of people coming to buy a property in Istanbul or Turkey in general, but after the great demand that Turkey witnessed in only two years after the announcement of the procedure, the Turkish government  reduced the  period to one and a half months in which all procedures for linking and coordination between the various ministries responsible for granting the Turkish passport will be terminated.


Below we present to you the most important conditions that must be met by the investor wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property:

  • The price of a single property in Turkey that is purchased by the foreigner is more than $ 250,000 USD, even slightly, so that the investor does not have  any slight deficiency during the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • The amount is transferred from the account of the buyer to the account of the property owner and is often a real estate company through one of the Turkish banks with the receipt for the transaction.
  • The investor, the buyer, undertakes not to sell the real estate designated to present the application for obtaining Turkish citizenship until after 3 years from the date of its purchase, as he signs the pledge with the interests of the Real Estate Registry Directorate.

Yes, these are only the conditions that the Turkish state imposes on the owner of the property in order to become a Turkish citizen with all the powers and features of a Turkish passport that enables its holder to enter 116 countries without a travel visa or with an entry visa only at the airport.


Which documents are required to acquire Turkish citizenship by owning a property?

  • The buyer must provide a copy of the title deed document, that is, the title to the property.
  • The real estate appraisal document is one that contains the real estate price according to its evaluation from experts, which must be 250 thousand USD or more.
  • The buyer must provide receipts with the sums paid for in order to buy a property in Istanbul, for example, or buy property in Turkey, provided that it is stamped by the bank through which the money was transferred to the seller.
  • The construction company, i.e. “seller”, is also required to have its receipts sealed by the bank from which it has received the money.
  • A copy of the original passport, translated and authenticated by the notary.
  • In the event that a Turkish lawyer is appointed to follow up the application file in order to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property, the buyer provides two copies of the attorney of power.
  • A law case document extracted from Turkey proves that there is no prior conviction on the person who purchased the property in Turkey.
  • Personal Photos.
  • The online form to apply for Turkish citizenship is filled with mentioning in the application if it is personal or for a family.

What are the required documents for a family application to obtain the Turkish passport?

Turkish law authorizes the wife and children  under the age of 18 of the property owner to obtain Turkish citizenship by submitting the following documents:

  • Original passports and copies translated and certified by a notary.
  • Judicial case documents for all family members applying for the Turkish citizenship.
  • The marriage contract is translated and certified.
  • Birth certificates of the children translated and notarized.
  • The family document notarized and translated.
  • Personal photos of all family members applying for a Turkish passport.
  • Additional documents that may be requested at times by the Turkish Ministry of the Interior vary according to the situation and circumstances of the people.

Procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey:

  • Real estate appraisal with a value of 250 thousand USD.
  • Obtaining the title deed from the Real Estate Registry Directorate office with a non-sale signal for 3 years.
  • Send all the papers mentioned in the above paragraph to the Turkish Citizenship Center.
  • Study the file by government departments and inform the investor wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property upon approval of the application with the issuance of a Turkish identity card and directly from him the procedures for handing over the Turkish passport .

The testimonies of all those who obtained Turkish citizenship by buying property proved the effectiveness of the step in their lives and how it changed it for the better. 

What encouraged many to take the next step to obtain the Turkish passport by buying property in Turkey.