The experience of an Iraqi investor in buying Istanbul apartments with Alhuda

Buying property in Istanbul...follow these steps to get the best deal

شقق للبيع اسطنبول

In this article, Yazan an investor from Iraq will narrate his successful experience in real estate investment in Turkey after buying property in Istanbul and how he managed to double his real estate wealth and what he did to reap the most profitable returns in a short time.


How did Al Huda accompany an Iraqi investor to buy Istanbul apartments?


Yazan says:


"The story started when I chose Alhuda Real Estate Company in order to buy a property in Turkey for the purpose of housing.

I only intended then to buy an apartment in Istanbul in order to spend the summer vacation annually with my wife and children because they were greatly impressed by the climate, nature and customs of Turkey that we had come to as tourists before that 

Butm soon after that my thinking began to change and I became more convinced of the suggestions that Alhuda experts presented to me with highly effective proposals that enabled me to move permanently to Turkey, where today I have about 7 apartments, most of which are put for rent, not to mention other properties intended for resale, actually I became a strong investor.

I also acquired the Turkish citizenship with all the members of my family who benefited from a family residence in Turkey within two and a half months of my ownership. "


What did Alhuda experts advise Mr. Yazan?


Real estate is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in Turkey and the world, as it enables to provide permanent profit returns in the form of 100 percent guarantee, but what must be realized is that there are several data on which successful real estate investment depends, the most important of which are:

  • The right choice for the type of real estate investment in Turkey: where you as an investor must make the right decision before buying property in Istanbul, Turkey about the type of your favorite project type in order to be used for leasing whether it is residential or commercial or hotel etc.  it is also necessary to determine the nature of the properties that you will buy whether it was under construction, which would give you several advantages related to the prices of apartments in Istanbul that are usually low compared to ready properties. You can also get the advantage of being the first owner and first exploiter of the property, but in the event that you choose ready housing then you may be facing a relatively high price, but you will benefit from an essential feature, which is advice and familiarity with the pros and cons of real estate investment in the project and the region, based on previous experiences told by the owners in detail.
  •  The correct choice of the location for real estate investment in Turkey, as it is the utmost and basic importance before any purchase of the property in Turkey due to its close association with the value of the financial return in the future as the geographical location increases the value of the property over time due to its close connection with the prices of apartments in Istanbul 2020, so if your property location is close to various means of transportation, shopping centers, hospitals, schools and infrastructure such as bridges, airports and major projects then, the price of the property increases, for example when you buy a property in the city center, the level of profit return is very limited as it is originally a city, unlike buying property in Istanbul in the suburbs, i.e. in promising areas, as it provides you with a great profitable return, given that you have invested in a developing area that is qualified to be one of the biggest real estate attraction points.
  • Choosing the right time for the real estate investment in Turkey, which is usually the spring season for those who wish to have profitably invest in homes, while the winter season is more suitable for investment in offices and shops. As for the summer season, you can invest in certain areas that are more vital and profitable, such as Bodrum and Antalya. As for the fall season, it is fully compatible with investors wishing to generate large sums to secure a private ownership.
  • Choosing the appropriate provinces to invest in order to achieve the maximum amount of profits, where buying property in Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa, Trabzon and Ankara come in the forefront of the most popular cities during all seasons of sale due to the infrastructure that they have and their strategic importance.


Yazan concludes by saying:


"Those were the most important tips and suggestions that Alhuda real estate company presented to me at the beginning of my journey of buying property in Istanbul, but their service and accompanying me did not stop at that much, as Alhuda team helped me to buy the first property and guaranteed to re-rent it.

From here, my investment career started, so I resorted to Alhuda every time I intended to buy a property in Turkey and gave them the task of managing my property, where in less than two years I was able to own many properties in Istanbul  in the best promising real estate areas with huge profit returns. "


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