The best ways to buy cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul

The best ways to buy cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul 2020

شقق رخيصة للبيع في اسطنبول

Among the most frequently asked questions by foreigners coming to the step of buying property in Turkey in general, or buying property in Istanbul in particular, are about the low priced properties?


A valid question, according to real estate experts, especially if the ownership is in a foreign country, where many investors are unaware of the traditions of buying property in Turkey, which makes them vulnerable to numerous rumors and fears regarding exposure to fraud, and money loss due to the different laws in Turkey from their countries of origin and the lack of knowledge of many Legal systems, in addition to the language problem that they may face as a barrier between them and choosing the best property in Turkey.


Until recently, the points mentioned above were obsessions facing many foreign investors in Turkey, but with the passage of time, the emergence of many active real estate companies in Turkey that play the role of mediator between construction companies with huge and diversified real estate projects and between the customer,the foreign investor, felt more safe, and real estate companies, like Alhuda Real Estate Company, have an effective role in simplifying the concepts of buying property in Turkey, as Alhuda has a team of experts and lawyers who speak more than one language "Turkish, Arabic, English, French, Persian and Urdu .. "which eliminates the barrier of communication in addition to the experience of its crew and its good relationship with construction companies and thus obtaining the best offers for buying property in Istanbul and negotiating the prices of apartments in all of Turkey and the prices of apartments in Istanbul in particular due to the growing demand during the years to buy property in Istanbul and Turkey in general.


The best ways to buy low priced property in Istanbul 2020


As much as the process of buying property in Istanbul seems complicated for many foreign investors, it is actually simpler than what many believe, given that the step requires little will and a lot of knowledge by following simple and thoughtful steps that enable the foreigner to choose the best property in Istanbul without neglecting the specifications he desires regarding his apartment or the price that is appropriate for him  and which is much lower compared to major capitals in the world.


To seize the best opportunities to buy low priced property in Istanbul 2020, the foreigner must carefully consider the following points:

  • The foreigner should buy property in Istanbul within the most promising real estate areas, such as Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt and Basaksehir, since the prices of apartments in Istanbul in these places are low, especially if the property is under construction, but it is increasing with the passage of time due to its proximity to many vital and major projects. That the Turkish state is working on achieving near promising real estate areas.
  • Choosing property in Istanbul near highways, shopping centers, universities and schools, especially those that are under construction, as the prices of apartments in Istanbul near these areas rise over time.
  • The use of a reliable real estate company helps you to search for new real estate projects where the prices of properties  within their offers are low.
  • Pay the price of the property in Istanbul in installments before the deadline for paying the installments in order to take advantage of the large discounts.
  • Hurry to buy a ready-made property immediately after its completion, given that the owners of construction companies usually sell the properties of the project during the progress of construction and therefore discounts are applied to the last apartments that are not sold yet right after the real estate project is completed.
  • The foreign investor who is willing to buy property in Istanbul should avoid focusing on the property’s proximity to his work without taking into account the price, since most investors prefer that their apartment be 10 minutes away from work and turn a blind eye to their occurrence in debt, installment or mortgage, while real estate experts advise buying a property 30 minutes away from the workplace at a low price in light of the availability of a huge network of transportation in Istanbul better than falling into debt and financial constraints due to the high prices of apartments in Istanbul in other regions by up to 30% sometimes .
  • The foreign investor before buying apartments in Istanbul must consider the issue of searching for a suitable house carefully and not fall into the trap of boredom that leads to the final retreat of the idea or waive the required specifications, so he must seek the assistance of a reliable real estate company in Turkey to save effort and time.
  • The access to the real estate world in Turkey does not come if the investor does not specify its goal from the beginning, either by himself or by obtaining real estate consultations by sector experts who help clients in determining the goal of the purchase, whether for housing or investment through leasing or resale, such as Alhuda Real Estate Company as it helps clients to get the best offers for cheap apartments in Istanbul and in the most promising real estate areas.
  •  Knowing the laws and real estate investment legislation in Turkey is among the most important points that the real estate investor must be aware of, but with reliable real estate agents similar to Alhuda Real Estate Agents, the foreign investor can delegate the task to them as there is a team of experts and specialists who are familiar with the new Real estate legislations in Turkey, moment by moment, and they are keen to explain it in detail to clients directly or through various pillars and media platforms.

Finally, it should be noted that most of the construction companies in Turkey have made discounts of up to 50% in some offers for buying property in Istanbul, especially with the difficult period that various investors in the world are going through due to the Corona pandemic, in addition to providing online real estate service which greatly facilitates the process of buying property in Turkey in these conditions