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Buying property in Istanbul close to the highways is the best investment

202015 شقق للبيع في اسطنبول


The relationship between highways and the growth of the prices of property in Turkey, can only be described by a strong and positive relationship in all its aspects as highways have great benefits in facilitating transportation in addition to being a major reason for increasing the number of facilities and services in the regions adjacent to it and thus raising the price of property in Turkey, where it reaches to double in places that are close to the infrastructure, especially the highways, which would bring an unexpected big benefit to investors who want to buy property in Turkey or thinking about buying property in Istanbul in particular.


And the follower of the economic affairs in Turkey clearly understands that the country about 20 years ago promised to move forward towards launching more major projects competing for the largest European countries such as railways, suspension bridges and highways.


In this matter we talk about, Istanbul is the economic capital of Turkey, one of the strongest cities in the world in terms of infrastructure, it has many major vital installations and highways that have contributed significantly to increasing demand for buying property in Turkey and the development of the real estate market. 


Below we show you the most important highways in Istanbul and the extent of their economic importance and their impact on the real estate market in particular for foreign investors who think about buying property in Istanbul:

The most important highways in Istanbul

  • TEM Highway 

It is considered the city's artery due to the many services it provides to the transportation movement in Istanbul and is considered one of the largest international roads arising from the largest regional cooperation projects, as it departs from the Portuguese capital Lisbon, passing through Turkey at a distance of "6962" Km2 "all the way to the Iranian city of Bazargan, which is its end point.

The TEM highway was built in 1977 under the supervision of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, which provided it with all financial support until the completion of its construction and entry into service.


All real estate projects and offers for buying property in Istanbul near the "TEM" highway in Istanbul are extremely important in the real estate market as it is of the most selling real estate projects due to its proximity to the road leading to the most important and vital areas of Istanbul in addition to neighboring countries.

  • E5 Highway 

The "E5" is one of the most important and major highways to reduce traffic congestion impacts in Istanbul because it embraces the fastest transportation in the city, "the metro bus."

The path of the highway "E5" the vein of Istanbul starts from the Buyukcekmece region, passing through Beylikduzu and Fatih region, all the way to the Asian side, meaning that it is one of the most important roads linking the two parts of Istanbul.


All areas through which "E5" passes through are among the promising urban areas, such as Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, Zeytinburnu, Bakirkoy, Sirinevler and Avcilar, all the way to the Fatih, Sisli and Levent, as these areas are the most packed  areas with modern residential projects, especially high-end housing complexes, commercial offices and villas of all kinds in addition to a large number of service facilities and major shopping centers.


With regard to the prices of property in Turkey , which is adjacent to the E5 Highway, it does increase steadily due to its vital and economic importance, as ownership in it means rapid profit and strong investment, whether it is residential or commercial real estate.

  • Basin Express Highway

The Basin Express area has gained its utmost importance from its highway

As the Basin Express region cannot be mentioned without talking about the central nerve of transportation in Istanbul, “Basin Express Road” which intersects with the international road “TEM” on the one hand, and it also intersects on the other hand with the “E5 Highway” In two different points.

In addition to being a link between the two most important expressways in Istanbul, Basin Express is the main road that connects various regions of Istanbul to Istanbul's third airport or the new airport, which has made it the strongest infrastructure in the new Istanbul and its beating commercial heart.

The decision to buy property in Basin Express is considered one of the best options available to those looking for the proximity to the new airport, especially businessmen who travel a lot in addition to the fact that the surrounding areas embrace the most important companies and financial and business centers in Istanbul, which led to double the real estate prices in Basin Express , which is what constitutes a great real estate opportunity for those looking to strengthen their investments and double their money.

It should be noted that all vehicles passing by highways are subject to the obligation of the Turkish rapid transit system or the so-called “HGS” through which radio frequency is paid which deducts an amount according to the distance covered by the car, truck or any other vehicle.

In conclusion, anyone who’s thinking about buying property in Istanbul must bear in mind that Istanbul is one of the most regions that includes the strongest infrastructure in Turkey and in the world, including highways that contribute in increasing the prices of property in Istanbul annually.